It must have been the most cherished dream of childhood. We sat in front of the TV after watching a foreign or Soviet film and thought about how to make a movie. It is a movie to be loved, then to become a famous actor, or Director, or sound engineer.

But also to produce possible, but this requires money, so will provide the opportunity for experienced business people. They say that a man should disbelieve in his acting talent as a new Director. Let's just start with the fact that we will not become Directors and producers, and will immediately mark the position {!LANG-f0174a8145c34e8211ee33f8418fffaf!} .

Talk about what you need for a movie{!LANG-40a83bc7d070b1c40e1be1549027f68f!}

Let's start with the script{!LANG-52a737755b828fee779427c451564464!}

Get a producer. Experienced it guy, who would do all the dirty work for you. What kind of work? It recruitment, script supervisor, extras, additional actors, if need be, stuntmen, cameramen, all sorts of assistant Director, head of total production (since the budget, execution plan, time must be supervised), designers and all sorts of the right people. You can become a producer myself, but after reading you don't want them to be. It is better to entrust the job to a person who had experience in such classes and which is better will manage to prepare everything.

Decide the case with the Director{!LANG-4dbceb2d28889bfee7432b2b819bf316!}

Then proceed to casting{!LANG-3710d11787e846e0db61515144cea52b!}

Once everything is prepared, you should to do scenery, costumes, to consider the makeup for the actors. Think carefully about each scene, please coordinate your desires with designer decorations. Assume further that he is thinking of what to prepare and how to decorate. Costumes. If you have imagination, each outfit you can think of yourself, only to give to sewing in the Studio. But if you can't decide with suits, you should ask the stylist, who you also hired to work. With makeup it is better not to split hairs, and give the actors ' faces under the supervision of an experienced makeup artist who will make all the rules.

To make a movie without the manifested material is impossible, so you'll have to be patient and to view the captured images on a daily basis. You're not going to shoot on a digital camera{!LANG-a294417019f8d6f79e807823c77610cc!}

Well, the last word on how to make a movie. After captured and approved picture you want to popularize it, and will deal with the advertising Manager. Submit applications for all kinds of festivals{!LANG-c54a16ccade16989c8c63aabbdb5cc51!}