The wire is very pliable material, the basics of which you can teach even a child. Of wire you can create beautiful jewelry and unusual carvings, for example, flowers. How to make the colors of the wire.

Flowers from wire and thread

This is one of the easiest crafts out of wire to make these flowers will a child under school age (under the strict supervision and guidance of an adult, of course). Working with wire helps children develop fine motor skills. attention and assiduity.

For work will need to take a thin wire for the colors and thick — stems, thread (preferably silk or floss) and green corrugated paper or yarn for decorating the stem. It is best to take for the petals enameled artistic wire assorted colors   and pick up the thread in color. You also need a used rod for a ballpoint pen or spoke, wire cutters.

For the manufacture of a petal you tightly wind the wire on the rod to make a long spring   (the length can be varied depending on the desired size of the petal, but with a too short spring it will be inconvenient to work). Leave some wire at the beginning and end of the spring, so that you can then attach the petals to each other.

Remove the wire from the rod and slightly stretch the spring in different directions. Fold the ends together, forming a teardrop petal shape, and twist to lock. At the junction of the wire cable end of the thread and begin to weave a petal. The easiest way of weaving is to wind the string around the circle, passing between the turns of the spring. After reaching the top of the petal, flip the thread on the front side and pull it back to the base.

Make five such petals and the middle of the thin wire and beads or threads of a different color. Collect flower petals and midway, slightly tilting petals. Wrap the stem thin wire, and on top of it — green crepe paper or green threads. Can be attached to the stem, the leaves made in the same technique as the petals. They need to attach before you decorrelate stem.

Flowers from wire and fabric (nylon)

Another way to make a flower from wire. In this case the frame of the flower is a little easier, and instead of thread to fill the frame is a fabric. To make a flower you will need wire, cloth, pliers (if the wire is thick), scissors, nippers, glue and paper scotch (or thread). Also, you need a small object of cylindrical shape (for example, a can of deodorant) to make a wire frame.

Take a piece of wire, wrap it around the container and secure the loop by looping the ends of the wire two or three times. Removing the hinge with the spray, give it a teardrop shape. and put the ends together - this will be the stem.

Unfold the fabric, iron if needed. On wire loops apply the glue with the side that is lower. Carefully push the loop with glue to the fabric. when the glue dries, trim the excess fabric around the edges of the petal (it is advisable to take a fabric that does not pour for flowers). Make the right amount of petals.

Then each petal to bend at the base so that it was under 90 degree angle to the rest of the wire. Put together five or six petals and wrap the wire feet of paper tape or thread, connecting them to a single stem. You can collect from the same flower petals or coloured — as you like.

If you want to make more delicate, translucent flowers, instead of gluing fabric to wrap the loop with a piece of colored nylon   from tights that have become unusable, fix it with a thread at the base of the petal and cut off excess.

As you can see, make flowers from wire is a snap. Perhaps they do not smell like real, but they do not fade and much more pleases your eye.