Despite the fact that by October almost the whole harvest has been harvested, this does not mean that gardeners and truck farmers will have nothing to do: autumn work in the garden and vegetable garden are quite diverse. Plan them you helplunar calendar for October 2012  for truck farmers and gardeners.

The first half of the month, from October 1st to October 14th, the Moon will wane (8 Oct have the last quarter moon). 1 Oct the night star is in the constellation of Aries, this day it is not recommended to sow and transplant. Can work harvest of berries, fruits, root crops, aromatic and medicinal crops, zasoski fruits and vegetables for future use. You can also take time for pest control, mulching and weeding.

2 and 3 October The moon will be in Taurus. These days it is possible to plant winter onions and garlic. You can also select the time for trimming shrubs and trees. Shot these days vegetables, fruits and berries are great for making stocks for the winter.

For the period from 4 to 6 October The moon will pass into the constellation Gemini. These days I do not advise to plant and replant herbaceous crops. It will be effective for such garden work: mowing, removal of superfluous runaways, weeding, mulching, cultivation. Still it is possible to collect berries, fruits, roots, medicinal herbs.

On 7 and 8 October The moon will be in the constellation Cancer. These days it is best to harvest greens and herbs, require a particularly effective drying. You can also harvest crops that are not subject to long-term storage. In these two days, especially good pickles and preserves.

On 9 and 10 October night star will be in constellation Leo. Sowing and transplanting of horticultural crops during this period is not recommended. Lunar calendar for October 2012 advises gardeners to collect and dry fruits, the harvest of root crops (especially harvesting). Also effective will be preparing beds for planting, mulching, pest control, pruning, harvesting herbs, harvest of sunflower seeds.

Period from 11 to 13 October The moon will be in Virgo. Sowing and transplanting is not recommended, it is better to do raking, hoeing, cultivation, mulching trees.

14 Oct  The moon will go to the constellation of Libra, the calendar of the gardener and gardener recommends taking up the laying of seeds and tubers for storage.

15 Oct The moon is still in Libra on this date have the new moon, which, as you know, sowing and transplanting is not recommended. If you want this day to work in the garden, can do fumigation and spraying.

From 16 to 28 October, the Moon will rise on October 22 will have a first quarter moon. October 16 and 17 she'll be in the constellation of Scorpio. Lunar calendar for October 2012 recommends to refrain from reproduction of plants, roots, herbs and tree planting. Instead, you can do the pruning of berry bushes and trees, grafting, pest control, soil loosening, fertiliser — all of this work will be effective. Also, these days are ideal for canning fruits and vegetables.

On 18 and 19 October The moon will be in Sagittarius. Suggest to collect fruits, vegetables, seeds and berries, cut flowers, dried mushrooms and vegetables.

On October 20 and 21 The moon will move into Capricorn. The most effective will be the planting and transplanting of shrubs and trees (particularly the currant, gooseberry, plum and pear trees) and grafting of trees, mowing, hoeing and fertilizing.

On 22 and 23 October  The moon will spend in the constellation of Aquarius. Crops and transplants are not recommended, it is better to spray the garden from pests that hibernate on plants. Also spraying recommendedOn 24 and 25 October. when the Moon will be in constellation Pisces. In these two days is also warmed berry bushes.

Period from 26 to 28 October the Orb of night will spend in Aries. In these three days, join in the fight against pests and diseases, ventilation, drying.

29 Oct full moon, the Moon will be in Taurus. Sowing and transplanting is not recommended. 30 Oct began to wane, the Moon will remain in the constellation Taurus. This day is recommended to do the planting of winter garlic, onions, trimming of shrubs and trees.

31 Oct. on the last day of the month, the Moon will pass into the constellation Gemini. It's a good day for loosening dry soil, shelter for the winter and perennial plants against aboveground pests.