As you can imagine the celebration of all saints Day, or Halloween. without pumpkins and scary costumes. Pumpkin is traditionally made lantern Jack — a small lamp which is supposed to ward off evil spirits from the house. But the crafts out of pumpkins at Halloween are not limited to just cut out the lantern. There are so many different ideas that you can use to decorate your home for the holiday.

Recently, there has been a trend in the United States that pumpkins are beginning to decorate houses a couple of weeks before the celebration of Halloween. In this case, crafts for Halloween do not have to be creepy. More and more people prefer quieter decorations. But nevertheless, without lights, Jack also does not do.

The lantern Jack with a spout

Traditionally, to make a pumpkin lantern, the nose, mouth and eyes must be cut in the walls of the fetus. But often it happens that there is no time to fiddle with a pumpkin, especially if you need several lamps. In this case, you can take advantage of the idea of ​​Jack's lantern with a long hooked nose.

To make such an unusual lantern, cut off the top of the pumpkin with a knife, remove all the seeds and, if possible, as best as possible, clean the flesh of the fruit from the inside. Cut out two triangles on the spot. Instead of a nose, cut out a small round hole. Now in this hole, insert a long or short thin carrot or the parsnip root. The latter is better suited for pumpkins of light color. Your unusual lantern Jack with a spout is ready. You can put these pumpkins at the doorstep of the house so that they meet the guests.

Pumpkin with mouse

Another idea for crafts for Halloween with their hands — it's a pumpkin with a mouse. The principle of this DIY pumpkin the same as with a lantern Jack. Only instead of an ominous face in the pulp of the pumpkin should be cut round holes. Than large size will be used on the pumpkin, the more holes you can cut. Just do not overdo it!

So, cut off the top of the pumpkin with a knife, clean the inside of the fruit. When finished, cut round holes on all sides of the pumpkin. Put the mice in these holes. Live mice do not need to plant, and you can do toy. For example, you can buy several mice in the cat goods department. There are always selling toy mice that look exactly like real ones. You can leave ready-made pumpkins at home or take them out to the yard to decorate the garden.

City of pumpkins

At home, you can build a city of pumpkins that will light their lights at night. To make this city very easily. Cut off the bottom of each pumpkin for the city (for lights always cut off the top), remove seeds. On paper prepare the templates for the houses, cut them out and attach to pumpkins. Draw around each template with a marker. Then remove the template and along the lines of the Windows and doors cut out of the pumpkin with a sharp knife.

Now you only need to paint the inside of the template with black acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry completely, after which you can collect your own city from pumpkins in the finished composition. For best effect, put a battery-powered candle in each pumpkin. Ordinary candles can also be used.

By the way, the idea of ​​chopping pumpkins can be used if you want to make unusual ornaments. For example, on painted with beige paint pumpkins you can draw black spiders with cobwebs, cockroaches or huge beetles. Do not want terrible bugs? You can draw any other patterns: geometric, floral or even write different messages!

If you prefer the natural color of pumpkins, then you can decorate the fruits with carving. In this case, you can choose any pattern that you want to cut. First, transfer the pattern of the future drawing to the skin of the pumpkin, then cut the flesh with the knife. Also it is possible to go deeper and on the put pattern completely to cut out walls of a pumpkin. In this case, you will get Jack's lantern with intricate patterns. These can be fire tongues, stars, moon, leaves or inscriptions. Anything you want!