At the wedding every detail is important, up to the color of napkins on the festive table. And, of course, much attention is paid to such an accessory as wedding candles. Beautiful wedding candles are not only the decoration of the celebration, but also participate in many wedding ceremonies. About,how to make wedding candles with their hands. tell the country of the Soviets.

Wedding candles with their own hands can be made by a loving couple or by some of the guests as a gift. A whole wedding set can be obtained if the wedding candles are decorated in the same way as wedding glasses and a wedding bottle of champagne. Such a set can be a wonderful gift for young people from the needlewoman.

Why you need a wedding candle?  Candles are an accessory that is important in a wedding ceremony. So, there are wedding candles: they are used during the sacrament of the wedding, and then kept by the couple for life as one of the symbols of the strength of the family union. Wedding candles are issued modestly.

Also candles during the wedding used the ritual of the lighting of the family hearth. In this case, the candles are decorated richer than the wedding ones. For the ceremony of lighting a family hearth, it usually takes 3 candles: two thinner, each of which is held by the bride and groom, and another thick candle, which will symbolize the family hearth.

To make wedding candles with their hands, you can choose one of 2 main ways. or decorate ready-made candles, or "from scratch" to make candles from molten wax or candle mass.

Decorating finished candles  - a simpler method, but in this case we have to confine ourselves to the available shapes and sizes of candles. Making wedding candles "from scratch" is a little more complicated, but the result is even more individual.

So, in order to make wedding candles with their own hands "from scratch"you will need three forms. the appropriate size of future candles-enough to fill these forms, the number of candle mass (obtained by melting white candles), and any decor taste.

As forms for wedding candles suitable cardboard boxes, for example, or tin cans. In each prepared form, a small amount of a molten candle mass is poured into the center, in which the lower end of the candle wick is fixed. The upper end of the wick is attached to the pencil, and then the pencil is placed on the mold in such a way that the wick is positioned strictly vertically.

Further in the form all the necessary candle mass pours out. Forms are left until the candles are completely frozen. After the candles have hardened, you can take them out of the molds and start decorating.

Than to decorate a wedding candle?  The choice of jewelry is huge. So, you can use lace, ribbons, chains, polymer clay or cold porcelain, beautiful wrapping paper, cloth scraps, beads, glass beads, beads, rhinestones, various natural materials: shells, pebbles, cereals, coffee grains, etc., for the decoration of wedding candles. e.

You can decorate wedding candles with your own hands in many ways, for example,modeling, painting, decoupage. As a theme for the decoration of wedding candles, of course, the theme of love is used, and images or small figures of hearts, pigeons, wedding rings can symbolize love. Even in the decoration of wedding candles you can use a pattern of flowers, bows.

By the way, decorate your wedding candles with your own hands, you can use thin needles, as well as glue. To decor, "planted" on the adhesive, held tight, you can pre-surface the candles with acrylic or stained-glass paint. Paint is better to choose aerosol, so that the candle is covered with it evenly.

Wedding candles with their hands  It can be done in a relatively short time, and materials for their decorations are almost always at hand, so if desired, they will be made even on the eve of the wedding day. And yet, it is better to approach the manufacture of wedding candles seriously and in advance to think about the future pattern, coloring, etc. Only in this casewedding candle will really beautiful  and give young people great joy.