Many of the pasta can only think of as food. Do you prepare baked pasta or pasta nautically. you think about food. But the curly pasta, it turns out that many people use as material for different crafts, e.g. Christmas trees, boxes, windmills, snowflakes. Interested? The land of the Soviets tell you how to make crafts from pasta with their hands.

Today in the store you can buy pasta of different shapes. It can be jewelry in the shape of feathers, butterflies, wheels, sprockets and spikelets. Walk around the store and see how many different shapes of pasta now offer manufacturers. Even simple seashells and those you can use! One has only to paint the pasta to desired color as your crafts are ready. And in anticipation of the New year like never become popular Christmas crafts. For example, from traditional pastas to make snowflakes, Christmas tree and even a toy .

Christmas tree made of pasta

We offer you to make craft Christmas tree out of pasta, which you can decorate your house. To make the tree, take :

  • glue gun
  • curly pasta
  • the cone of paper
  • spray-paint

First place the cone on any basis. It can be a simple glass or a plastic bottle. The main thing is that the edge of the cone at the moment was higher than the level of the table. Now start pasting a cone with pasta. Glue the first row of pasta at the base of the cone. Stick pasta so that their edges are below the edge of the cone. Continue to paste the pasta row after row until you completely past the cone.

When the glue is dry, paint the pasta on the cone with a layer of paint from the spray. Paint color choose any. It can be emerald green, gold, silver etc. Any color you like, and use. By the way, it's better to paint the pasta in the street. to the smell of paint was left in the apartment. Let the paint on the tree to dry, but this time paint other curly pasta in a variety of colors. These noodles you will use as Christmas tree ornaments. For decoration you can take a pasta in the form of stars, swirls, shells, butterflies. Ready dried pasta also glue hot glue on the tree. Now you can remove the finished Christmas tree, your Christmas crafts out of macaroni with his hands ready.

Toys and snowflakes out of pasta

Without snowflakes, an obligatory attribute of the New Year, one can not imagine a holiday. Usually snowflakes are made from paper, but we will break this rule.Our snowflakes will be out of macaroni. As for the Christmas tree, you will need all the above materials, except for the cone.

To make a snowflake is very simple. Take a few types of shaped pasta such as shells, feathers, wheels. Take any shaped pasta that you like. Can even use spaghetti to the long rays of snowflakes. Now put on the table a sheet of paper. It make your fancy snowflakes out of pasta. When the snowflakes are ready, glue all the elements together with hot glue. If you don't have a glue gun, you can always do superglue.

Glued snowflakes and leave to dry. Then color snowflakes from a can of paint in the chosen color. Experiment with flowers, let it be not only white, but also gold and silver snowflakes. On top, the painted snowflakes can even be sprinkled with sequins.

Similar to pasta you can make Christmas toys. Only do not balls, and angels, flowers, butterflies. Come up with an unusual design for toys from pasta, paint them with paint and hang on a thread on the tree. You will see that your pasta from macaroni will become an unusual and original decoration of a house and a Christmas tree for the New Year.