Even if you are very lucky and you came across a pretty shop with original souvenirs, there is still no guarantee that someone else will not buy the same bauble. But if you make a New Year gift with your own hands, you can not doubt that this masterpiece will be in a single copy! Fantasy has no boundaries, but the souvenir must match the occasion. So let's make a nice and funny snowman.

To make a beautiful miniature snowman with your own hands, you will need the simplest and cheapest materials - most of them can be found on your own desk, and what remains (for example, colored or corrugated paper) is purchased at the nearest stationery store.

  • Thick, white landscape paper
  • Colored paper
  • Corrugated paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers

How to make Christmas gifts with your own hands.

Step 1. First of all, for a snowman, you need to make a cone of white landscape paper. Cut out a third of the circle with a radius of 15 cm. For those who forgot, we recall that the radius is a segment, which in our case connects the center of the circle with any point of the circle.

Step 2. Draw on the future cone of the eye and mouth. We will do this in its upper half. When everything is painted, the cone can be glued together.

Step 3. Our snowman will be fashionable and artistic. Therefore - no buckets! His head is decorated with a cylinder. We take colored paper about 4 by 9 cm in size. We fold it into a cylindrical circle and glue it together. It is better that the paper is bright, with a beautiful pattern or golden.

Step 4. For the fields of the cylinder of colored paper, we cut out a circle with a diameter of 7 cm. Place the cylinder in the center of the circle and circle it. Now cut out a hole in the circle, into which we insert the cylinder.

Step 5. That the snowman is not frozen, he needs a scarf. We will make it from a strip of colored paper with a width of 1.5 cm.

Step 6. Now. Corrugated paper cut out strips the size of 5x10 cm and twists of them two flagella. The ends of each glue mittens, cut from colored paper.

Step 7. The last detail is the nose-carrot. You can make it in the form of a small cone just as we did the torso (step 1). For this, a bright orange paper is suitable.

Step 8. We're collecting! In the upper half of the trunk, at the sides, slightly below the drawn mouth, we make two small holes, into which we insert the stick-flagella. Mittens carefully glued to the body. Then we glue the scarf and nose. The very last solemnly put on a hat-cylinder!

Our snowman is ready. By the way, if you make it more, then a hat can fit several candies or a New Year's toy.

Ideas of children's souvenirs on a Christmas tree

For the Year of the Snake, one more idea may come in handy. To the mistress of the year is not offended, and your souvenir became a talisman, you can make a wonderful postcard!

  • Coloured cardboard. It is best to take for DIY decorative, resembling the skin of a snake. In extreme cases, we will oclaim ordinary cardboard pretty paper or decorate it with beads, beads, sequins or anything else.
  • Scissors
  • Thin red ribbon or crepe paper
  • Acrylic pebbles or beads

Step 1. Fold the standard sheet of colored cardboard along in half.

Step 2. Gently, not too pressing on the paper, draw on it a beautiful snake. It can be anything. Importantly, her image is clearly discernible.

Step 3. Cut out the snake on the drawn outline.

Step 4. The Queen of the Year needs beautiful eyes. For this, small acrylic stones are suitable. If they are not, the task will be handled by beads of black or other shade. In extreme cases, the eyes can be made from paper and glued to the workpiece.

Step 5. The tongue of the snake is made from a red ribbon, cutting it a little at the end to make it more authentic. It can also be made of red corrugated paper. We cut it from one end and twist the two flagella. After the sting is ready, we tighten the entire strip with a dense bundle. We glue the tongue from the inside of the postcard.