Flowers always create a happy mood. But to make their celebration or some holiday is very difficult, and expensive. But from any position there's always something. And colors we can make yourself out of ... balloons! Light and bright, they bring joy and fun to any event.

They can decorate the entrance to the hall, terrace, balcony or simply give to children and adults. There are several technologies for making flowers from balloons.

Flower of round balloons with their hands

This is one of the simplest ways that even a child can make a flower from balloons. We will need:

• 5-6 balls of the same color

• 1 ball of yellow or white color

Step 1. We inflate the balls that will serve us as petals. The flower with 5-6 petals will look beautiful. Balls need to make the same size. First, we inflate two balls and bind them together - you can thread or by tail.

Step 2. In the same way, we inflate and connect the next pair of balls. Fold them with the first pair diagonally and fix it with a thread. Obtained a blank of 4 petals.

Step 3. We make the third pair and attach it to the first two.

Step 4. Inflate the balloon to yellow, which is the core of the balloon flower. Its size should be much smaller. Insert the ball into the middle, simply skip it from the side between any two petals. Fasten by tying the thread the join of the petals. If you plan to hang the flower to the ceiling or to decorate a wall, then the ribbon needs to be fixed at the tail of this ball.

Flower of the long balloons with their hands

The technology of making a flower from long balls is a little more complicated than from conventional round balls. But you can cope with it, too. For this we need two long balls. It is desirable that one of them is green, since we will make a stalk from it. You can make iris or chamomile from the second ball.

Step 1. Make a stem. To do this, we inflate the ball so that there is a small tail on the end. Due to this the ball will be softer and more flexible and will not burst during the manufacturing process.

Step 2. Fold the ball in half, retreat from the middle of 8-10 cm and twist it in this place several times. We got the first leaf. Now once again fold in half one of the sides, twist and make the second sheet. On the stem should be the base for the flower, a rather long stem and two leaves.

Step 3. Do the iris. We inflate a ball of purple or blue for this, leaving a tail, not filled with air, at the end. Fold the ball in half and connect the ends with a thread.

Step 4. Have the center knot them several times to get two of the same circle.

Step 5. Put them together. We retreat from one edge about one third and twist in this place just two halves. We got iris.

Step 6. Using a thread or tail of a green ball, connect the stem and bud. A pretty flower turned out in just a few minutes! From long balls you can make flowers with three, five or six petals with a core and without. Of these, you can create wonderful bouquets. A ribbon for bouquets is easy to make from a long ball, folding it like a bow.

We inflate the ball. We retreat from one edge about a quarter and twist in this place a large enough loop. Next to her we twist one more. It will be a bow. Slightly bend its edges upwards to make rounded ends. To a bouquet of flowers, a bow can be attached with a thread or other long ball, which will serve as a band for bandaging an air bouquet.