School apron: pattern Modern Schoolgirls regard the celebration of the last call as a great opportunity to show off the beautiful school uniform. In Soviet times almost the only chance to stand out among classmates was hand made white apron. Of course, it's quite strange, considering the great variety of outfits to school everyday, which are now on the shelves of clothing stores.

The style of your school dress can be absolutely anything, however you need to take into account such features and mandatory attributes as a closed top, a moderate dress length and the availability of short sleeves, since the holiday of the last bell occurs in the warm season. Also a desirable element of the school uniform are white cuffs and collars, which will only emphasize the solemnity of the occasion.

When sewing a school uniform on your own, you can safely use suitable dresses in the wardrobe of dark color. The collar can be made both invoiced and sewn. Instead, you can also use ordinary strips of lace. Separate attention deserves an apron, because it is he who is the main decoration and dignity of school attire. In the shops, of course, there is a wide variety of this subject of the school wardrobe, but for those girls who want to stand out against the background of classmates, they can sew their own, individual and unique apron, which will certainly become a school form.

Preliminary preparation before sewing apron

How to stitch the school apron for the last call: pattern

First of all, you need to prepare the necessary material for making the apron. Beautiful and high quality fabric, you can easily choose in any sewing store. Of course, the most elegant look of fabrics such as lace or the lace, but plain white fabric looks though simple, but not worse than the others. I advise you to avoid sliding of fabrics such silk, velvet and satin, because the stitching of these fabrics is very difficult. In order to stand out, you can choose translucent white fabric. After choosing the material, you should start choosing the style and model of apron. The basis of the apron can be straight or rounded. Decorate ruffle apron or not – a matter of taste.

The sequence of PIR sewing apron

Following our simple instructions below, you can easily sew your own unique apron to the last bell. So, first of all we create the base of the apron. To do this, you need to cut out a selected piece of rectangular cloth with a width of about 35-40 cm, and a length of 15-20 cm shorter than the dress itself. The lower edge of the fabric should be slightly rounded, and the top should be assembled with two small folds about 5-7 cm from the edge and 3-4 cm apart. These wrinkles bend in the direction from the center.

The lower edge of the apron can be decorated with ruffles 5-6 cm wide. Then we sew the belt. To do this, measure a piece of cloth about 12 cm wide by the centimeter tape and a length that is equal to the waist circumference and from the top plus 5-7 cm. Gently fold in half along the wrong side up and sew one short edge and a longer side on the sewing machine. After this, it is necessary to unscrew and gently disguise the second edge. At one end of the belt we sew the button, and on the other - respectively, the hole for it.

After one end of the belt we sew the button, and on the other, respectively, make a suitable hole for it. Leaving a little distance from this hole, you can sew a beautiful elegant bow. Similarly, we sew and straps apron. To do this, cut out a maximum of even strips of fabric and sew them in the center of the apron at a distance. equal to 10 cm from each other, combining them with a small piece of rectangular cloth about 10 cm wide. You can decorate the apron straps with a wide flounce.