Quilling technique is universal. For works in the technique of paper lace you can take absolutely any paper. For the production of Christmas toys, snowflakes you will need cardstock or thin cardboard. Colors can be absolutely any, but the white color for the snowflakes will be a classic. The width of the strips should be 3 to 4 millimeters.

Toys on the Christmas tree: how to make a snowflake in the style of quilling

1 strip of length of 15 centimeters.

8 strips measuring 7.5 centimeters long.

4 strips 15 centimeters long.

4 strips of 7,5 centimeters.

4 strips of 5 centimeters.

As a tool for the formation of curls of snowflakes, you will need a quilling needle, which can be replaced with an awl or thin needle.

Fix the snowflake elements with glue for paper. The central element of the snowflake will be a circle, folded from the longest strip. Screw the strip tightly onto the tool.

Slightly weaken it. Remove from the needle, the tip of the spiral to fix a small amount of glue. From strips of 7.5 centimeters in length, make 4 blanks-droplets. To do this, wind the strip on the tool.

Slightly loosen, secure the tip with glue with Two fingers to bend the workpiece to make a teardrop.

Repeat with the other three strips. Make 4 blanks in the form of a leaflet. To do this, take 4 strips 5 cm long. Wrap tight around the working tool. Slightly loosen, remove from the rod. The tip of the strip is fixed with glue, allow to dry.

Bend the workpiece with your fingertips from two opposite ends to form a sheet shape. Make billets in the form of hearts. To do this, take 4 strips of 15 centimeters in length. Stitch each strip in half. The ends of the workpieces are rolled with the help of the tool inward to form the shape of a heart.

Make 4 blanks that will serve as the beams of a future snowflake. To produce them, you need 8 strips of 7.5 centimeters long. With the help of the tool, twist the ends of the strips towards each other. From each side make 1 or 2 turns. The wrapped ends of the strips should be the same as the distance between them.

Glue the workpieces together in pairs. To glue the central circular element 4 beams of snowflakes. To glue the central circular element 4 beams of snowflakes. In the center between the beads glue the heart-shaped material. Carefully unscrew the side rollers of the heart. Attach glue to the rays.

Once broadened one in the center of the heart points upwards to glue the blank bit. Side bolsters heart glued to the edge of the droplet. Repeat in the other three sectors of the snowflake. To give the snowflake to dry. Hang it on a thin decorative braid.

If desired, the finished snowflake can be sprinkled with sequins. Then she will find an incredibly beautiful view, and no one can believe that such a work of decorative art is made from ordinary paper.