Origami flower – this is a very nice hack. Surround the flower is usually made from thick colored paper – for this purpose you can even use the cover of the magazine. You can try to make such a large-scale flower and of thin paper.

Our flowers will be made in the modular origami technique. This means that the workpiece is made up of several elements. For those who have questions after the scheme of assembling origami flowers, you can watch the video. The video lesson will tell you in detail how to make origami flowers.

Crafts can be of different sizes. It all depends on the paper taken for the flower. The larger the sheet of paper, the more the finished flower will be. You can use paper of different shades, but in any case, the paper should be the same thickness. The finished article looks very beautiful, and you can make it yourself in a matter of minutes.

There are many origami making schemes. All of them differ in technique. The proposed scheme of origami flowers is suitable for beginners. Even the one who will create flowers for the first time, will perfectly cope with such task. Such origami flowers are done in a modular scheme.

This principle greatly facilitates the work on the bulk flower. The petals of the flower can be made monophonic or multicolored. The middle of the flower can be decorated with a round bead.

Paper flowers in the technique of modular origami: step-by-step photo lesson

Tools and materials:

5 sheets of paper of a square shape (any size, you can start with 5 cm squares)

Beads, sequins, beads and glue - if desired, to decorate ready-made flowers.

How to make an origami flower:

1. Bend the sheet of paper in half.

2. Bend the upper right corner to the center.

3. Bend the upper left corner to the center.

4. Unfold both corners.

5. Bend the upper left corner in half. Combine the edge with the previous fold line.

6. Bend the upper right corner in half. Combine the edge with the previous fold line.

7. Bend the edges inward.

8. Bend the left side to the center.

9. Bend the right side to the center.

10. Bend the lower edge to the left fold.

11. Unfold the workpiece. Leave only the corners bent as in step 3.

12. Bend the lower left corner diagonally to the first left of the fold line.

13. Bend the lower right corner to the same line as the lower left corner.

14. Right the valve to bend downwards, as shown in the picture.

15. Leave the left valve to the center, as shown in the figure.

16. Bend in half, the right half remains below.

17. Fold the bottom corner to the right, align on the bottom.

18. Tip the bend to the left.

19. Open the workpiece in the middle.

20. Make 5 more of the same blanks from paper.

21. Each workpiece has a long tail on the left and a pocket on the right. Inserting the blanks sequentially, we get a flower.

22. Straighten the flower. If desired, decorate with a bead in the middle of the flower. You can make a flower from origami paper as a gift. In addition, the ready flower is used as an element of decoration of postcards and albums. From several products you can make a colorful panel.

Flowers in the technique of origami paper: video master class for beginners

The video clearly shows how to fold origami flowers from paper. Our master class with a photo, as well as the presented video will help make beautiful crafts for any occasion.