Cacti rarely bloom, but you can make your own cactus, which will bloom all year round — for example, of beads. Flowering cactus from the beads will help to make detailed instructions with photos.

Cactus made from beads is easy to make by hand even for beginner needlewomen. First you need to choose how to create the craft - flat or bulky. For a bulk cactus you need a small flower pot. Instead of a pot you can take a plastic cup. At the bottom of the glass you need to put some weight.

These can be pebbles or iron bolts and nuts. The basis for a cactus from beads can become a regular foam plastic. To do this, cut a piece of styrofoam with a suitable size with a knife, giving a rounded shape. It is better to paint the base in the color of the beads. Paste into the pot. Secure with glue. This procurement will serve as the basis for future crafts made of beads.

On the photo there is a cactus of beads decorated with a flower. You can use a ready-made artificial flower. This master class will tell you how to make a cactus from beads in the simplest way.

There is no specific scheme to do such artifacts, but there is a general principle. Need a long wire and a lot of beads. Patience and time will also be needed to make such an elegant cactus, as in the photo.

Materials and tools:

Small flower pot

How to make a cactus from beads: photo master class

1. Take a hank of wire. Beads pour out in a saucer. String green beads on the wire. You need to string as much as possible. Counting the first 5 beads, push them. Through the next 5 beads, pass the wire. Pull the tip out. It will be the future prickle of a cactus. Leave a spine 1-1.5 centimeters long. On the other hand, to release the wire by about 2-3 centimeters, cut off. This piece of wire can be inserted into the foam body of the cactus from the beads.

2. Repeat the first step. It will take 100 of them. This will be the future cactus of beads.

3. Prepare a framework for the future of cactus. Make sure that it is balanced.

4. Connect three pieces of spines. Long ends of the wires twist together. Insert the workpieces tightly into the foam. Move better from the middle to the edges. If there are large gaps between the spines, make additional details. A cactus flower can be made from yellow or pink beads.

You can create flower petals as well as spines, but you need to pass the wire through 1 common bead. And do not leave a thorn. After making 5 petals, connect them, insert them into the upper part of the cactus. You can leave the artwork from beads simply in the form of a green cactus.

Additional schemes weave beaded cactus

There is another way how to weave a cactus out of beads. Get a flat hand-crafted article. This cactus can be used as a keychain. Flat crochet bead weaving is better for beginners. You will need two colors of beads. Green beads are needed for the cactus itself, and for the background you need a bead of contrasting color, for example, black. Each time your own imagination tells you what colors to take and how to weave cacti from beads.

Materials and tools:

53 green beads

41 black bead

The finished article consists of 9 rows of 10 posts. Interlace the beads according to the color scheme, typing in one row and plaiting in parallel.

Using schemes of weaving cactuses from beads, you can create unique crafts each time.