Spring and summer are two seasons, when you want to be especially bright, and it's time to heat, blossom and riot of green colors in full swing. What to do when fashion is set by nature? Of course, follow it!

For example, make earrings yourself with threads. Emerald-green brushes look bright, fresh and bold in summer, but naturally, like everything in nature - and they can be done in just a few minutes. Do not know how to make earrings out of thread? It's simple!

For these earrings, you will need:

1. 2 threads of yarn of an emerald-green mulina, 15 cm each;

2. 4 threads of the opposite color (that is, the color that makes up our "basic" pair in the color space: for example, for the emerald green is a good silver metal) - two 15 cm long and two - 30 cm each.

3. Credit or discount card. In general, any piece of plastic of the same thickness and size.

4. 2 bases-hooks for earrings.

Step-by-step instruction: earrings from threads with own hands

1. Take the silver thread (15 cm) and make a small loop. Tie a knot so that the loop held on as tight as possible and put this thread aside.

2. Take the green thread of the mulina and wrap it around the discount card (across if you want to make fluffy brushes of medium length, and along if you want earrings thinner and more authentic).

3. Pass a short silver thread with a loop under the wrapped green and tie it with a double knot. Now you can remove the card. You will get a small hank of a green thread, tied with a silver thread.

4. Tie the knot on a silver thread so that the loop is at the very top of the green skein, and cut all the excess.

5. Now take a long silvery thread (30 cm) and tightly wrap it around the end of the skein on which you left the loop. Tie the knot and trim the remaining ends.

6. Take the scissors and cut the other end of the skein to turn it from a skein into a tassel. Align the threads, - they must all be the same length.

7. Thread the hook for the earring in a small loop on top of the brush. If the hook is too loose, bend it with your fingers or pliers.

8. One earring is ready! Repeat all the same to make the second one.

Well, are not these brushes a miracle? Did you know that Pantone, the world corporation of color, announced the emerald green color of the year? So do not worry - your earrings of thread will be at the peak of fashion all year round.