Why you need a hunting zone? If you do not care so about the trees growing on the land, their branches pests quickly get first to the flowers and leaves, and then fruit and are very happy with such food. And the consequences can be severe – lack of high yield, disease of trees. That is to learn how to make trapping zone to prevent the invasion of the enemy.


Photo diagram: how to install hunting belt



The main ways of making hunting zones with their hands

Dry belt is made of matting, corrugated paper or burlap. A strip of the above-mentioned width is superimposed on the trunk, pre-cleaned from old bark. Every crack need to cover, otherwise insects will find their way to paper. Top and bottom belt tied with twine. Thus it is necessary to leave free the edges. They are sticking, and the caterpillars will fall to the ground. More a matter of technique – they need to collect and destroy.



What can be used as a glue for the hunting zones? To make it clearer how to make such a device – will tell you about the two technologies.