You have an old t-shirt that you want to give a new life, or a new monochrome, which seem too boring for your colorful life? Decorate it yourself – at home, and be sure that it is exactly the same, no one will!

Acrylic paint and marker pens on fabric

  • acrylic paint
  • acrylic loop
  • crayons on fabric
  • chalk or soap.

The picture on the shirt is the most simple and most effective solution. For light t-shirts fit and the markers of the chosen colors (they are convenient to draw contours), and paint (it fill large areas

Acrylic, gloss on fabric, dries quickly and lasts a long time – enough for six months of wear, even with regular washing. Stretch the shirt over something: you can stick it with tape to the wall (no Wallpaper), put the mirror on the dressing table or any wide enough Board – the main thing is that the fabric was well-stretched. Mark chalk or soap, the contour of the future pattern, then apply paint.

M OU can do a t-shirt, close to batik impregnate it different colors and then roll and squeeze. Get a nice abstraction. Dry first the Hairdryer, then turn inside out and iron. Washable painted so t-shirts have also inside out, at a temperature of 30 degrees and in a sparing mode, if you prefer a machine washable.

Rivets, beads, rhinestones

  • material (beads, rhinestones, rivets, ribbons, pieces of colored fabric is a different texture)
  • needle and thread the color of the shirt.

Panel faded image on the shirt rhinestones or beads. You can slightly modify it to add the grotesque – for example, if the picture shows the Apple, it is possible to finish on it the bead of the worm, if it is a giraffe, turn it into a pirate, gaining him an eye patch on his stomach – pirate sash, and a rear leg “replacing” a piece of wood. Don't be afraid to sew unusual materials – experiment!

Rivets are usually made to decorate the shoulders (you can attach on them like spikes, like knight armor or leather jackets bikers), or collar. But there is also no restriction – lay of the rivets graffiti, paint them in different colors. And, you can sew on a shirt collar from old shirts, making it the caller with a mixture of office and street style, or a few flowers from fabric, ribbon or lace.

  • scissors
  • the fabric of another color or t-shirt of a different color.

The cuts can look very artistic, if they are not made at random. They come through, so that you can see skin, it's summer, and with textile-lined inside to see a different color. Slots normally do so that was cut out very narrow (1 cm high) section of the cloth

You can make a series of cuts on the back – uniform in length or tapering, like a cone, the neck or the lower back, and can be done two series of such sections on both sides of the spine – they look like stylized wings or ribs. If you want to make inside lining, the easiest way is to sew two shirts, so that one was inside the other