Salted dough is an excellent substitute and plasticine because after drying it is durable, durable and does not stain hands, and special plastics because it can be painted with any colors, it is guaranteed there are no harmful substances and it does not leave such an unpleasant smell as plastic, in the oven after baking. From it you can make some wonderful gizmos for the New Year 2014 - and all this with your own hands. Here are some options for festive hand-made articles from this material at home.

Salt dough with your hands: video

In order to make a toy or a pendant from a dough, you must first make the dough itself. There are many recipes for different occasions, and usually everything depends on the ratio of flour and salt.

We give three:

1. For standard crafts of small size, without small details: 1: 1 flour and salt, and one third of the total amount - water. Usually 200 g of flour and salt are taken for a large portion of the dough and 125 g of water.

2. For large things (for example, a candlestick): 1: 2 flour and salt, water - 1/6.

3. For small things with fine details: 3:2 flour and salt, water as much as in the first recipe and add a tablespoon of PVA or starch. The more salt, the dough is cooler and tougher

Painting them is simple - with the help of any colors, but best of all gouache or acrylic. At the end, cover the product with a varnish, to make it look more elegant and brighter.

Decorations on the Christmas tree: Santa Claus, snow maiden, tree

The basis of all these little toys is a cone. Of course, you can sculpt all the figures of any shape, but if you stylize them a little, they will look no less nice and remind you of old toys having a similar shape, and fine details do not exactly "float" when drying. Do not make them high - no more than 4-5 cm, otherwise they will dry out badly. Roll the first of the test (1 or 3 prescription) cone.

If it's a tree – and this is the General form of toys. Now push the toothpick “legs” of trees across the surface like lace. You can add a small star to the top of the dough, and you can attach it later from a brilliant foil to the glue. Carefully pierce the top of the same floss (thread), paint the green paint, by drawing on the Christmas tree and decorations other flowers, and dry. When drying in the oven is better to insert something into the hole for threads, so she never swam.

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden differ only in painting and the shape of the head, the ball placed on the cone from above. Fasten the head with additional means - if you do not dry in the oven, a toothpick (just stick it into the cone and plant the ball from above) will fit very well. Both figures wear a fur coat - the bottom of the cone will have a kind of "roller" of the dough - the lower fur rim; a pair of strips of the same roller stretch upward, to the head - "clasp".

At Santa Claus it will be partially hidden by a broad and long beard (a simple dough cake in the shape of a shovel), while the Snow Maiden has a braid on its back (two extra "platens" connected by a pigtail). In addition, both characters on the head usually have a winter hat - roll out a dough cake in the form of a circle with a diameter larger than the figure's head, place it on the head and roll the edges with the same "fur" roller.

Now paint the figures: Santa Claus in red colors, Snow Maiden - in blue. Do not forget to draw funny faces to them. And you can cut the figure in half before drying (on the vertical axis), turning it into a bas-relief magnet: simply press the magnet inside the dough from behind so that one side of it is completely free from the dough. A refrigerator with this magnet will also look festive.