In crochet crochet, there is something elegant in winter: does not the airy interlacing of threads look like the delicate sides of snowflakes? But, of course, to keep such lovely works of art in their hands is much more pleasant than snow! Crafts crochet will be a good New Year gift for your loved ones and decorate your house for the holiday.

The easiest option is to tie a white napkin around your favorite scheme with a round napkin: no special patterns are needed here, just finish the circle by tying wider gaps. They look very much like snowflakes.

But you can follow a special scheme, where the gaps initially are quite large, and the snowflake looks as a result completely airy. If you want to spread them around the house or put them on a festive table, then everything is ready, and if you want them to hang and look more dense, do not hang them, you can dip them into starch or moisten them with water with PVA glue .

Glasses and bottles

Decor crocheting crockery utensils and various unusual - one of the latest squeaks of fashion in handmade. In Scandinavia, for the holidays, variegated yarn is tied with even trunks of trees on the street - almost to the height of human growth!

It is best to decorate dishes for the New Year's table to choose a yarn thinner and all the same white color - or use the colors of the coming year according to the Chinese calendar. The main thing to tie is not very tight, so that the openwork weave still shows the contents of a bowl, a glass or a bottle.

Try to finish the "cheholchik" at the bottle at a distance of 4-6 cm from the neck, and at the glasses - 3-4. Of the glasses they will drink, and the yarn can interfere, so it should not touch the lips, and the contents of the bottles are likely to soak and spoil if the cover is longer.

Christmas decorations

You can tie a Christmas ball (preferably transparent) with a thin yarn of any color, just like a dish, but you can make a ball solely from yarn. To do this, you should choose the same method that is used to make three-dimensional figures of papier-mâché: inflate a small ball that you do not mind, and tie it with a crochet, then soak the yarn with glue or starch, and simply break the ball with a needle and then pull it through the gaps remnants.

Attach to the ball of yarn bow and loop to hang on the tree. And to crochet three-dimensional figure of the tree, you'll need a lot of fine green yarn and a cone of plush or any other fabric filled with foam is in two parts, the trunk and branches green the main part of the branches, and “leg”, color brown (the trunk).

Tie this cone according to the scheme (see photo, there must be a reduction in the chain in order to make "fir-tree" branches, branchy branches), sewing a chain periodically during knitting to the cone itself. In the end, usually add a few colorful bright beads or rhinestones - "Christmas toys", which simply tie to the individual "branches" of the tree.

The choice of yarn here plays a significant role: a fluffy-looking yarn - "grass" will make the tree more prickly visually than fluffy, because the wool will be visibly bristled, and yarn with a glossy sheen will make all the associated spruce sparkle.

There are many other ways to tie a herringbone, in particular, composite methods, when green yarn of two different shades is used, or set of spruce from a variety of separate flat elements of branches. You can choose any option, the main thing is that it gives joy when you look at it and decorate the interior.