Make happy children and yourself by spending time together with handicrafts made from natural materials - cones, acorns, leaves and twigs. Making them simple and fun.

Autumn nature crafts: fairy from the cones and leaves

In order to make the figure of a small winged fairy, take:

  • cap from a large acorn (as big as possible)
  • pine cone
  • white ball of felt just a little white yarn
  • orange yarn
  • two dense, nursecindy a small sheet (like poplar or alder)
  • durable thread
  • glue.

A ball of white felt will be a fairy's head. If you have chosen for this yarn, then roll and tie it in a small ball. Top on the glue put a bunch of orange yarn - hair. Drip some more glue into the acorn cap and put it on the head of the future fairy, like a hat.

Lubricate the top of the cone with glue, then the place where it was attached to the branch, and glue the head on it. Now there are only wings left - make them from two sheets. The fairy is ready! You can put it on a table or shelf, and you can hang it on a string, tied it around the bump, like an ornament.

Autumn crafts: hedgehog from cones and pine needles

For this prickly hedgehog you will need:

  • a small pine cone with open scales
  • clay (preferably brown or dark tones)
  • lots of long pine needles
  • scales of cones or black pepper (nose and eyes).

Put a lump on his side. Were gonna tape a lot of bundles of needles, cementing 4-5 pieces at the end of a piece of clay. Ideally, they should be the same as the scales from the cones. Then carefully stick each bundle with the same scale – the hedgehog will ometyntsi needles. Vilaite face of clay (a little bent up cone), cleave it to the top of the cones.

Press in the plasticine peas of pepper - eyes and nose. Add 4 "legs" of plasticine - do not give them a special shape, these pieces of plasticine are needed sooner so that the toy does not fall and do not slip. The hedgehog is ready. If it seems to you that the needles are too long or that they are of different lengths, just cut them.

And still no less cute hedgehog can be done by taking a whole plasticine body and using pumpkins instead of needles; as well as just take a bump with a very open, "standing up" scales. Disclosed, seedless flakes in general very well imitate the fluffy animal hair or feathers of birds.

For example, to make a penguin cone, you just need to place it vertically, so that the scales open downward, attach the head and wings of the black plasticine and paint the cone entirely in white (rectangle from top to bottom, right under the head, it will be breast) and black all the rest of the body).

Head as a base under the clay to take the hat from the acorn (if the clay cone is poorly kept). For wings, you can also take clay, and shells of walnuts or maple seeds – the main thing not to forget to paint them.

Dragonfly from the seeds of the maple

Very simple, but a spectacular piece of art. Take:

  • 4 seed maple (preferably United in pairs, and one pair is slightly smaller in size than the other)
  • short thin stick
  • acrylic paint of any color (they are especially good shiny paint – metallic, gold)
  • a piece of clay.

Stick to the edge of the sticks of plasticine, having formed from it two convex eyes, attached, in fact, only on a stick - this will be the head of a dragonfly. Top with the clay, maple seeds, one under the other, so that the pair that was larger, was closer to the "head." These are two pairs of wings. Now paint the entire dragonfly in the color that you want.