Vegetables and fruits are no less beautiful than flowers, and their combination gives unusual and elegant bouquets. To make this for a house or a holiday is very simple. If you make a bouquet of vegetables and fruits, want to put it in a vase, choose a vessel with an unusual, better natural texture.

It can also be a vegetable - an empty pumpkin, for example - a copper jug, a clay bowl or a vase, tightly braided with a vine. It will also look nice and contrast - for example, high vases-plates of thin glass for heavy-looking compositions.

Not all bouquets of this type are put into the water, even if they are intended for a vase, not a tray. Be prepared for the fact that the bouquet will need to be fastened with a wire for flowers or a special ribbon. Their color is selected under the general tone of the bouquet.

1. Apples, artichokes and white bush roses

Artichoke is a very beautiful vegetable, it is more like a flower than most others and very often used in mixed bouquets. But next to large green apples, this similarity acquires an unusual shade and ceases to be an imitation. Simply lay on the plate or a small platform for fruit green apples and artichokes in a pyramid of 3-4 layers, place a few small rose buds in gaps, and place three near, at the bottom of the platform.

2. Daffodils and limes

A fresh bouquet delivered to the jar. Cut the lime into mugs about 0.5 cm thick and put them in a regular half-liter glass jar (so that they fill it by a third). Add water and put daffodils in it. Flowers do not need to be many, but it is better if they are at least five.

Tie the jar (so that approximately 30% of the glass is closed in the area where the transition is from the stems to the lime mugs) with a net of a natural bundle or a strip of kraft paper, and from above, secure with a green silk ribbon. If the tape is not enough, glue the craft or mesh to the jar on the double-sided tape.

3. Roses, greens and maple leaves in the pumpkin

Combine yellow roses, several phlox, yellow maple leaves, basil, barberry, fern and a few small, red apples, and put them all in an empty pumpkin. Roses should be located in the center, like apples, and the entire bouquet as a whole - seem round, slightly overhanging the pumpkin-vase.

Fruit choose a bright orange color, low and squat; cut the stem with the top part, expand to the appearance of the open bowl and scrub the pulp with the seeds. Water can be poured into it, but if you do not choose the flesh well, the pumpkin-vase will not last long. Ideally, you should dry it a little before putting flowers inside.

4. Apples and green hydrangeas in metal

This type of composition is in the spirit of exceptional minimalism with a touch of hi-tech. You will need direct vases of different heights, metal, painted for metal or covered with an even layer of foil. Line them up so that the highest one is in the background on the right, and the lower ones (they should differ by no more than 5-6 cm) were in front.

For some of them, put on a large green apple, and in the rest put one green hydrangea flower, pruning the stem so that over the edge of the vase you can see only the flower itself, as rounded as an apple, but with a different texture and a different tone (more light green). One apple is placed near the vases just on a table or shelf.

5. Succulents in a wooden box

Take an ordinary rectangular wooden box (if there are any stamps or seals on its sides, and so on), and put succulents of different kinds inside, as well as various red berries - rowan, red currant, cowberry with leaves, and several kinds of herbs. The combination of colors and textures will make it an ideal decoration.