Autumn bouquets of leaves can be real masterpieces, decorating the modern interior with dignity. They can be brought to school or kindergarten on the first of September, they will become a beautiful and unusual gift. To make a classic autumn bouquet with leaves to school, for junior classes, or for kindergarten, simply add to the usual bouquet of late flowers yellow autumn leaves, cane, dried up inflorescences, rowan berries.

Watch only that they are not dried out so that they are scattered from the touch. In the autumn bouquet, like any other, you can add a "delicious" component - sweets wrapped in maple leaves, as if they are the heart of roses.

And choosing a vase for such a bouquet, pay attention to natural materials - for example, an empty dried pumpkin or a basket of vines will be suitable. A bouquet of only leaves leaves water even harmful, but if you have fresh flowers in your bouquet or if you just prefer an ordinary vase, you can decorate it with leaves or other natural materials - pasting acorn hats mixed with coffee beans, painting with a leaf pattern or using leaves as stamps for paint, which must be applied to the vase.

Bouquet only leaves

This bouquet in water do not put the leaves will quickly rot in it. But to dry it would be appropriate, and no special actions are not required for this in a month in a dry place will dry the leaves themselves. You will need a lot of maple leaves (required with the cuttings so they can then be bonded to each other). Most need to roll the roses, and the rest will be the background complement the bouquet (it should be the most elegant, without damage to the sheets). Roses from maple leaves can be rolled two ways.

  • fold the sheet in half (across), smooth side out
  • roll it tightly starting from the edge
  • do the same with the next piece, but wrap it together with the first, as if wrapping around the second
  • each successive sheet in turn less tightly to simulate not Bud, and the usual petals
  • tie together the cuttings of all the leaves of the "rose";
  • connect with leaves and place in a bowl.
  • every leaf turn “envelope”, first folding it in half as in the first embodiment, and then turning down the inside edge
  • make more petals, and then connect them
  • add the leaves for the background and put in a vase.

Autumn bouquet-tree from the leaves

This "tree" – flower on a long stalk from the stems, usually has a rounded crown and slim trunk.

  • thick wire
  • long sticks
  • flowers (of your choice)
  • leaves from cuttings or even pieces of branches
  • fern, berries of mountain ash on the long thin branches, reeds and any other material-decoration
  • natural harness
  • colored adhesive cloth tape (green, brown or orange, the color of the bouquet)

As a basis, take the mountain ash on the branches. Add branches to the branches and carefully fix the structure with wire, wrapping it around. Attach the flowers and re-add the wire so that the bouquet does not decay. Form the "crown" according to your taste, arranging in a harmonious manner flowers, fern, reeds and leaves.

Wrap the whole "trunk" of branches, sticks and wire very tightly with a cloth tape, from the bottom to the top. The leaves, of course, do not fall into the trunk itself and will not be attached to it in any way (except, perhaps, a long fern), but if the bouquet is dense enough, they will still hold well. Decorate the trunk with a natural bundle.