General description


Of most interest are varieties such as red and white Aquilegia Crimson Old (Christmas Star), pink Terry Nora Barlow, Alaska white with exceptionally large flowers. Most often Aquilegia seeds are sold in mixture, and then the bags with her seeds will be photos from the many varieties, matched together on the same date of flowering and aligned in height. Now the world is gaining popularity varieties of the so-called paraquilegia is sadsbury with besspornymi Terry drooping flowers original shape with almost round petals.

How to grow columbines

The plant is very undemanding, but prefers moderately moist light and friable soil with added sand, compost and peat. Likes a rich food — making compost and wood ash. Despite the name (Aqua in Latin means water), does not like the abundant irrigation and close groundwater. Can grow in sun and partial shade, in the first case to be watered more often, so flowering is not stopped prematurely.


How to plant columbines


Seed propagation — how to stratify and sow the seeds of Aquilegia