Goldfish. also like others, are susceptible to various diseases – some more, some less. Healthy goldfish can be defined by their mobility, color brightness, gloss scales and appetite.

There is another option by which you can immediately determine the state of the fish: if the dorsal fin keeps the fish upright, then everything is fine, but if not – then it is not all right. Often on the body of a goldfish there is a RAID in the form of semolina, or education, look like lumps of cotton wool. The fish begins to swim with jerks, itches about instruments and stones, its fins stick together and blush.

If you'll notice it – immediately isolate the pet from the rest. A sick fish can be treated in salt water (20 g table salt per 1 liter of water) at low temperature (not above 18) in a large aquarium for three days, changing the solution daily. The water should be clean, not taken out of the tank and from the water. Try to start treatment immediately, to prevent to use of antibiotics. Remember that antibiotics and other chemically strong drugs contribute to infertility goldfish.

Also found the clouding scales goldfish. The causative agent of this disease is ciklopea is a small ciliated infusoria, it makes on the body of the fish a rough, opaque when illuminated by light beam areas. It would seem – well and what? But the disease is dangerous because it leads to other, more complex trouble. For example, scabies. Although this disease often originates from bacteria that thrive from uneaten artificial feed. In the case of scabies fish also will not fail to scratch on something solid, loses brightness, covered with a whitish mucus. The best remedy is a complete change of water.

Ringworm a fungal disease called. It occurs in the body of a fish that is already weakened as a result of an illness, injury or poor conditions. Signs of this disease are as follows: in some parts of the body, fins and gills of the fish appear white thin threads – hyphae, which grow perpendicular from her body. If in this period no action will be taken to eliminate the causes of the disease, the fungus will quickly develop and be similar to a cotton-like plaque. Hyphae of the mushroom entwine the skin cells and gills, sprouting in muscles and internal organs. The fish become inactive and falls to the bottom.

Sometimes goldfish get sick with a viral infection, which is called “fish pox”. This ailment is characterized by white, pinkish, and sometimes gray waxy tumors that appear on the skin and fins. The disease is, in principle, not dangerous, although, of course, greatly spoils the appearance of your pets. And, unfortunately, there are no effective drugs against it.

Dropsy from goldfish causes an elevation scales and swelling of the body.   It arises from the bacillus of the rachium plague, which multiplies in the blood, and leads to a common infection. Infection occurs through the skin, wounded, scaly. The disease at an early stage can be stopped by transferring a sick fish into running water and bathing it in a solution of potassium permanganate every other day for 15 minutes. Although sometimes the fish dies before the scales have time to rise.

Inflammation of the stomach   (gasteroenteritis) occurs in goldfish if they are fed with poor quality food, and if they are given dried daphnia, gammarus and bloodworms for a long time, which are poorly absorbed by the body and cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract of fish. The lack or absence of plant foods also contributes to inflammatory processes.