For a person who is unfamiliar with succulents, the appearance of the lithops is puzzling and the question: "What is it?" You can answer it like this: "It's a cactus or a living stone."

But lovers of such flowers will not only be able to name the species, but will also gladly acquire the seeds of lithops, which they have long dreamed of.

This small succulent is considered a long-liver among the flowers. In one of the private collections is a copy, which will soon turn 100 years old. He was born, if I may say so, in 1918.

Growing lithops from seed

Seeding should begin in mid-April.

1. Take a small rectangular or square pot, fill it with a loose and water-permeable substrate and sow the seeds of lithops, evenly distributing them over the surface.

2. Cover the top with glass, place in a bright place, but not under a direct sun.

3. When the seedlings appear and reach a diameter of approximately 1-2 mm, they should be covered with coarse-grained sand, so that they grow evenly and do not fall on their side.

4. Sprouts are sprayed only after the soil has dried. Gradually, as we grow, we introduce abundant watering every three or four days. And leave one spray for the night.

The more living stones become, the longer we leave them dry. This is done to prevent decay.

How to care for lithops

If we take into account the fact that the seedlings are grown on a poor substrate, then they need fertilizing. Every fourteen days they need to be sprayed with liquid fertilizers.

Five months later, around September, molts will start molting. During this period it is better not to water and spray the plantations, they will have enough liquid in the old leaves.

Somewhere in November, small lithopacks are sent to winter for the rest. By this time they grow to about 4-5 mm.

In winter, we spray cacti only if they start to wrinkle their sides.

Try to keep the seedlings under the lamps during the day so that the temperature is + 25 ° C, and at night - with the window open and 18 degrees. This difference has a beneficial effect on the health of seedlings. Make sure that there is no draft.

Somewhere in may, when the lithops will be a year, there is a second molt. They had grown to 1 cm and have an excellent root system.

At this stage, all types of lithops need diffuse light and proper watering. Plant plants in large pots 10-12 cm high.

If you comply with all these conditions, then your babies will have flowers by the autumn of the third year of life.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to go personally all the stages of growing lithopses. If you buy seeds mix, you will get different in color and form succulents.