Florists who do not have experience with orchids consider them capricious, and care for them is complex and burdensome. Nevertheless, these beautiful flowers are worth spending a little time, studying their biorhythms and applying the information in practice.

If phalenopsis flaunts on the window, it can be multiplied in several ways: by children, cuttings and seeds.

The first of them is the easiest and most accessible to the usual amateur florist.

As propagated Phalaenopsis children

After a six-month flowering (around February), a favorable moment appears to stimulate the appearance of daughter shoots.

The plant should be an adult, have a healthy, well-formed root system and at least four large leaves.

1. The flower spike, which should be no more than 1.5 years, must be cut to a "sleeping" kidney.

2. A pot with a home orchid should be placed on a window well lit by the sun.

3. To new processes quickly began to take shape, we need to create a temperature differential: night – 16 degrees the day – 28 to 30 degrees.

4. High air humidity - this is an obligatory factor, which contributes to the growth of children.

5. The plant should not be watered for about two weeks.

6. Small rosettes become suitable for planting only after four leaves and aerial roots appear at least 5 cm. Careful treatment is required not only by new divisions, but phalenopsis itself reproduction by children can be detrimental to the mother plant.

Care home baby orchids

You can not wait for the appearance of rootlets, and separate the socket as soon as four leaves appear. Slicers on the peduncle and baby should be sprinkled with heavy charcoal.

The children are dried, and a day later they are planted in pots with a finely dispersed substrate.

Do not worry, when the lower leaves turn yellow, this means that the first roots begin to form.

Rooted shoots better under the film. The temperature should be 22 to 25 degrees.

Root growth at home can be delayed to accelerate, the substrate needs to be watered with growth stimulants: Epine, Kornevin, and the like. Leaves sprayed with the drug is not necessary, otherwise their rapid growth will further slow down the process.

Stimulate the growth of roots can be as follows: take a transparent container of plastic and a flat foam with an opening into which we insert the outlet. We pour water, we lower the baby phalaenopsis and cover with a lid. In conditions of high humidity and heat, the roots will grow much faster.

Prepare for small orchids the same substrate as for adults, following the generally accepted requirements.