Growers who do not have experience with orchids, I think they are capricious, and caring for them is complex and burdensome. However, those beautiful flowers are worth it to spend a little time to study their biorhythms and apply information in practice.

If you have a window emblazoned Phalaenopsis, multiplication can be accomplished in several ways: babies, cuttings and seeds.

The first one is the most simple and available to the ordinary gardener-lover.

As propagated Phalaenopsis children

After six months of flowering (approximately in February) appears opportune moment to encourage a child shoots.

The plant should be an adult, have a healthy, well formed root system and at least four large sheet.

1. The peduncle, which should be no more than 1.5 years, you need to prune to ”dormant” buds.

2. A pot of homemade Orchid should be put on the window, well lit by the sun.

3. To new processes quickly began to take shape, we need to create a temperature differential: night – 16 degrees the day – 28 to 30 degrees.

4. High humidity is a must factor in the early growth of kids.

5. The plant is not watered for about two weeks.

6. A small outlet become suitable for planting only after will be four leaves and aerial roots at least 5 cm. Careful handling require not only new delenki, but the Phalaenopsis breeding children can have a detrimental effect on the mother plant.

Care home baby orchids

Can't wait for roots, and to separate the outlet, as soon as four leaves. Cuts on the peduncle and the baby need a sprinkle of crumbled charcoal.

Kids are dried, and the next day planted in pots with fine substrate.

Do not worry, when the lower leaves turn yellow, that means start to form the first roots.

Rooted shoots better under the film. The temperature should be 22 to 25 degrees.

Regrowth of roots in the home may be delayed, in order to accelerate it to the substrate should be watered growth stimulants: Appin, Carnevino, etc. Leaves to be sprayed with the drug is not necessary, otherwise, their rapid growth will further slow the process.

To stimulate the growth of roots in the following way: take a clear container made of plastic and flat foam with a hole in which is inserted the socket. Pour water, drop the baby of Phalaenopsis and cover it. In conditions of high humidity and heat the roots will grow much faster.

Prepare for small orchids the same substrate as that for adults, following the generally accepted requirements.