Strelitzia (the photo you see on this page) - an amazingly beautiful houseplant, originally from South Africa. He has large leathery leaves, somewhat similar to the leaves of a banana, and the original flowers are orange and lilac, reminiscent of the feathers of birds. Flowering lasts several weeks. True, only adult plants bloom for 4-6 years of life. This plant is large enough (up to 1.5 m), so its content will require a spacious place. At home, the strelitzia of the royal and strelitzia of Nicholas is usually grown.

Strelitzia "bird of Paradise"

This is a very beautiful and unpretentious plant, which has a colorful color and exotic form of a flower, due to which it received its second name "bird of paradise". The flowers of the "bird of paradise" consist of orange cups and petals of blue color. Due to its bright unusual coloring, the flowers look impressive enough not only in pots, but also in bouquets with other plants. The flowering process lasts long enough, and even in cut form, strelitzia can be stored for a long time and does not deteriorate during transportation.

Care at home

This houseplant prefers scattered light, but also tolerates direct sunlight. Thus, it can be grown on windows directed to the south, east and west. On the northern windows, strelitzia can also grow, but its flowering will not be abundant. In summer it is recommended to move the pot with it to fresh air.

In spring and summer, the temperature for maintenance should be moderate, up to + 25 ° C. In the autumn it is gradually reduced, bringing to + 16 ° C in winter (rest period). If it is necessary to ensure the flowering of the plant in winter and spring, then the rest period shifts to summer, i.e., the temperature of the content decreases to + 16 ° C. It is increased from January (to +22 ° C).

Watering from spring to autumn is abundant, but not excessive, as it dries up. In winter, watering is reduced, but do not allow drying. Water for irrigation is permanent, soft.

As for moisture, then the plant is not demanding. The conditions of an ordinary apartment are quite suitable. But still it is sometimes welcome to spray the plant with warm water.

Feeding is recommended once a week (excluding the rest period) with mineral and organic fertilizers in turn.

Young plants need an annual transplant in spring, adult specimens enough every 3 years. The substrate must be nutrient, for example, turf, leaf earth, humus, sand. Required good drainage. When transplanting, you should act carefully, since the roots of the shoots are fragile.

The propagation of strelitzia

Perhaps the cultivation of strelitzia from seeds or the multiplication of bush and shoots. Seeds for sowing are taken only fresh and sowed in pots with a diameter of 5 cm. The temperature is maintained at 24-26 ° C. The first shoots can be expected in 1-1.5 months. After that, the temperature is lowered to 22 ° C, and a month later to 18 ° C. When the seedlings become stronger, they are transplanted in larger vessels.

Division of the bush is recommended to be done after flowering. Parts of the plant are planted in separate pots with a diameter of about 20 cm, trying not to damage the roots.

Bouquets with strelitzia

Its unusual name was given to this flower in honor of the English Queen Merklenburg-Streletskaya. The original appearance and mottled coloring provided the plant with great popularity among flower lovers. Due to its properties, it can be kept for a very long time in a composition with other flowers. Most often it is given to men, as it symbolizes courage and masculinity.