What to feed a hamster? Face this problem many novice fans of hamsters. However, knowing certain "food rules" for hamsters, You can easily pick up a delicious and nutritious diet for your pet.

Grain mixture – the cornerstone in the diet of hamsters.  Feed the hamsters with the cereal mixture every day, 1 or 2 times a day. With a two-time feed, the main part of the grain should be given to the hamster in the evening, since hamsters are active precisely in the evening hours.

The composition of the prepared grain mix for hamsters, and typically include oats, wheat, dried peas, peanuts, sunflower seeds.  As additional additives in the diet can be included herbal granules, millet, corn. Depending on the breed of hamster, it is enough for him to have 1-3 tea spoons of food per meal.

Feed the hamster can and should, in addition to the grain mixture, and more succulent forage. herbs, fruits, vegetables. However, this should be done very carefully. The hamster can be given beets, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin, squash, corn. From allowed fruits apricots, peaches, apples, pears, bananas.  To treat a hamster with these delicacies needs a little.

Toormity hamster prohibited by cabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic.  You can not give him citrus, kiwi. All these vegetables and fruits can cause serious disturbances in the digestive system of the animal.

Greens hamster you can offer parsley, dill, lettuce, celery  - in small quantities. As a treat, you can give the hamster leaves of dandelion, clover, but they should be collected away from the road and thoroughly washed before feeding the hamster.

Hamsters need animal proteins. because you can feed hamsters protein food of animal origin. To provide the hamster with a sufficient amount of protein 1-2 times a week, you can give your pet a piece of cooked lean meat, preferably chicken, a little cottage cheese or boiled eggs. Hamsters can eat and special fodder insects (they usually feed aquarium fish and turtles).

To remedy the lack of vitamins and minerals in food the hamster should be with special vitamin supplements. However, not all hamsters like Supplement, so you'll have to look for one that is right for Your pet. Mineral stone for hamsters. sold in pet stores, will help the hamster get all the necessary trace elements and at the same time grind your teeth.

Water for hamsters required.  Contrary to popular belief, hamsters are not always able to receive a sufficient amount of liquid from succulent fodder. Therefore, it is better to equip a cage with a hamster with a special water bottle and always monitor the cleanliness and freshness of the water in it. The usual bowl is not suitable, because a hamster can easily turn it over and pour water.

Of course, you love your hamster and ready to treat him with delicacies. However, remember that feed the hamster chocolate, sweets, salty and spicy dishes, smoked meats and canned goods is strictly prohibited.

Feed your hamster properly and let Your pet grows healthy and happy!

Tell me please, what if the Dzhungar hamster has only corn from the food?

A faithful friend of the Dzungariki!

Friends, help!
We bought two hamsters boys and posadili them in one cage, they lived on the first day peacefully yesterday we bought them. They come and squeal but nothing! And at night one of the hamsters rushes to the other! I haven't slept for a few hours because of this! They fought relentlessly. I thought a common phenomenon! But today, when they procoli started to fight. I tried to pull the attacker, but he bit me very very much! Tell me, what's wrong with my hamsters happened? Me a hamster before and she was biting and biting, and even scekotala
What about them? And what to do?
We decided with my mother that they would be placed. But why did they suddenly start to fight? They only a little more than a week!

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Tell me please, what if the Dzhungar hamster has only corn from the food?

So, he has such an appetite. He likes very corn. Have you tried (a) to give him vegetables or fruit? (You only need to give what you can!)

A faithful friend of the Dzungariki!

i have a hamster he as soon as he bought it became not a lot of nervous though we feed him well and yes, a lot of time was spent on him to go to the doctor all right.

Julia, that's my name, too! We are homesick! We also bought hamsters yesterday, but they were put in one cage, they lived well, and at night and today they all fight and bite hard! I have the same problem

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how many times a day to feed the hamster

Once or twice a day for 1-3 teaspoons. If you feed twice a day, then the main part of the food is given in the evening. homyakt are more active in the evening.

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What material should I use as a filler?

Julia, you can wood stuffing. I and my aunt do it!

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Tell me, my hamsters as I have said, always fighting. One of them was severely bitten.
When hamsters after the fight calmed down, they will be hard biting or not necessary to be afraid? Just now I am afraid to stroke them and pick up.

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Can small hamsters injure each other during a fight?

A faithful friend of the jungariki. hamsters are single territorial animals that rarely get along together. Therefore, you correctly decided to seat them.