If you bought a Santa Claus New Year costume, and you did not have a beard there, or you have a hat and you do not have enough of it for a complete image, do not rush to get upset. We will tell you how simply, quickly, without much effort and expense, without using many materials to make this integral part of the image yourself. You can use different materials, which you prefer to taste, choose the most suitable. Use the step-by-step instruction with the photo below. It's very quick and easy.

To work you need to:

  • A piece of white fabric (thick fabric: velvet, lint outside, corduroy, velour, felt, loden, etc. (any of your choice, not necessarily from the list))
  • gum
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • threads (white)
  • a needle (a sewing machine)

Step by step instructions:

  • Take the prepared piece of white cloth, bend it in half and draw on it with a pencil pattern. The size of the pattern depends on the size of your future beard. We took a 20*15 (for a teenager). You depending on its size make the desired pattern.
  • After we have drawn on the folded fabric pattern, moving to his cut. Cut, we get a smooth beard with a separate moustache. As we folded the fabric, right side of the beard will be a mirror image of the left.
  • Then we stitched the edges of our billet, when this individual beard transplanted to the base after it separately prostrochite or prochem. And the final step will be sewing the elastic onto the back. The size of the bands will depend on the size of the head.

Our unusual beard is ready! You can dress her up and go on holiday!

Now we will tell you about several other ways of making the necessary and integral part. Use whatever you like. A little time and everything is ready!

Beard out of a wig:

For this we need a white wig or hairpiece. You can give using hair curlers curls, or leave them straight, use a curly product. As in the example considered in detail way need to be elastic. Sew it to the ends of the wig, so our beard held tight on the head and does not fall (as it is to sew we discussed above). This wig will need to cut the desired shape (beard). You can take instead of a wig or hairpiece clip in faux hair white. There will need to cut off the hair from the pins, and to sew elastic.

Beard, through the use of wool:

With the help of cotton wool, you can also supplement the option we considered in detail. To do this, glue or sew white threads of cotton wool on the entire surface of the fabric. The product is ready!

Beard using faux fur:

To do this, we will need to cut out a square of the right sizes from an artificial fur (from ear to ear the width, from the lips to the chest, the length). Then cut a small hole in the form of a strip for the mouth, below the square rounded with scissors. Then cut the elastic band of the right size (so that the beard does not fall off - on the back of the head from ear to ear measure) and sew to the workpiece.

A beard made of rope:

In this way, like cotton wool, you can supplement the method of manufacture discussed above in detail. We take the linen rope, you can use the other one and disassemble it into separate strings. When they are separated, they will remain wavy. Sew them with a white thread or glue to the workpiece from the fabric. Behind the rubber band will keep our beard.

Paper beard:

We take sheets of white paper. We cut it with strips (noodles), so that 1cm-2cm remains to the end of the paper (edge). To make our beard lush, we make about 5-10 billets, sew one layer on the other with layers (white thread for the remaining strips in 1cm-2 cm.). To make our beard curly, we wind the cut strips on a pencil. We sew the fastened tiers to a strip of fabric from a white thread, and then to the fabric of an elastic band, so that our workpiece is kept on the head.

Choose your way and manufacture. Each of them is easy and fast at work. We wish you good luck! Become a unique and original Santa Claus!