How to crop pants


  • old jeans
  • scissors
  • Mel/old dry soap
  • Extending the length of future shorts, consider allowances for lapels or podseleniya edges. Make a marking chalk or dry soap.

  • Even if you measured the length above the knees, do not "shoot from the hip" cut gradually. First remove the knee-length, try on jeans and make sure that you correctly determined the length and size of the allowance. Ensure that both legs were the same length.

  • Based on the previous recommendations can prescribe sleduushee is cutting both legs at the same time, folding them together. Yet no one has ever been able thus to obtain identical leg!

  • Select the style for future shorts. For classic fit small stitched lapels or simply edges. For the style of "Texas" will fit fluff painting with a small fringe. To make scrapes in the style of "punk", RUB your shorts with sandpaper.

  • If you want ultra-summer shorts "ventilation", make them stylish holes. To do this with scissors make a small slot or use a breadboard with a knife and ragged movements pierce the fabric in the right places. The only condition is that the shorts must be wet. Also, do not make too many holes in the socks they will increase in size, and your comportment can simply turn into rags.

    Decoration shorts


    How to decorate shorts from old jeans:

    • In the style of “Metal”, use metal studs to create a continuous coating. It is better to use rivets of different shapes and sizes to create a unique motif.
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  • Style "Hippies" you were weaving baubles? Every girl knows how to weave at least one kind of bracelets from threads. Use your experience and apply it in practice! The edges of the pockets and seams of colorful baubles!

  • The style of “London punk” – make the shorts badly torn edges and a few ragged holes front and rear. Dip a cloth in cold water and the corner leg place in the tub with regular bleach or bleach. In a short time the bleach will "eat" the dye, and get an unusual gradient. For this method it is better to use shorts bright saturated colors.