If you are fired by the desire to create an ideal site, then in addition to plantings and ornaments in it should be a rest area. It does not matter if it's a pond, a fountain, a gazebo or just a secluded spot in the shade. A cozy shop is an obligatory attribute of a recreation area. On it you can admire the sunsets, breathe the smell of flowers and eat ripe fruit, grown by yourself. There are two ways to get a garden bench - buy or make it yourself. For those who prefer to save their own funds and are not afraid of work, the second option will certainly fit.

How to make a bench for the garden with their hands

Make a garden bench by yourself is quite simple. The only condition is to follow the instructions clearly and connect the imagination. You also need to know several factors that can affect the performance of your future stronghold of peace.

What you need to consider before construction:

  • if you own hands to build a bench out of wood, it is best to choose deciduous, not coniferous. Softwood in summer exposed to the sun's rays stands out with the resin. Regardless of whether you will cover the surface with paint or varnish, it will prevent and collect litter, leaves and insects
  • the simplicity of the design. Make a simple bench, the construction of which will require the use of special equipment or skills.

  • be ready to make every effort to create a quality design that will be able to stand under the open sky. Otherwise it is better to put such a garden bench under the canopy.
  • The choice of dimensions

    Drawing of garden benches with their hands involves the measurement of all the parameters in centimeters. In addition, the design must be reliable, sitting on it should be fun. Convenience is provided by the width of the seat and back angle. The optimal inclination is 18-20 degrees. Of course, you can do without the hassle, but agree that the bench is much more convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

    The length of the bench should be chosen with the calculation, so that it can fit freely three people. It is best to buy boards standard six-meter length. Then for the construction will need two pieces, and if you cut them into segments of 1.5 m, they can easily be transported even on a car.

    At a thickness of 40 mm, the rigidity and durability of the structure will be ensured. Also, do not forget about the gaps between the elements. Someone may think that the narrower the gaps, the more beautiful and better the shop, but this is not so. They serve as a drainage system, without retaining liquid on the surface and not provoking swelling of the material. So, if you take into account the width of the elements with gaps, you get a seat of about 40 centimeters, which is quite convenient, both for adults and for children.

    Materials needed:

    • board 1500 mm - 5 pieces
    • Board 360 mm – 2 PC
    • Board 520 mm – 2 PCs
    • the Board is 720 mm – 2 PCs
    • fasteners (bolts, anchors, nails)

    All dimensions in the drawing are indicated taking into account the fact that after preliminary processing of the material the width will be about 140 mm.

    1. Strap length 520 mm must be cut in length to get 4 bars. They are useful for connection of seat anchorages and the legs of the bench. In addition, you need to remove the outer angle of the bars so as not to inadvertently catch his feet and not to damage the skin.
    2. On elements with a length of 720 mm it is necessary to make cuts. They are the holders for the legs and back.
    3. All the parts handle a plane below the surface was smooth and even.
    4. The first thing you need to assemble the legs. Connect them among themselves cross-beams. For fixing, use screws.
    5. The legs attach the Board seat and back. The fixture is easy to conceal if you make the "wrong" side.

  • Establish the bottom cross-beam, having fastened legs among themselves.
  • Cover the surface with varnish. For this you can use a normal alkyd or tinting composition to give the noble wood shades. The coating will protect it from swelling, rot and damage by parasites. In addition, the thus treated garden bench will be slightly cool to the touch. The surface is smooth, not rough, cover it with one layer, wait until it dries, then finish off the surface with fine sandpaper, dust with a damp cloth and cover again.
  • Useful tips

    Little to know how to make a garden bench with your own hands, you need to know how to properly care for it. To prolong the service life, bring it to winter in a closed room (garage, shed). Anyway, in the winter you will hardly want to freeze in the garden.

    You can decorate your garden bench with your own hands and even draw children to this fun activity. Draw a surface with acrylic paints, and then cover it with varnish. Very beautiful and unusual look benches, decorated with mosaic. In any case, everything is limited only by your imagination!