If you do not know what to give to a close friend, sister or mother, then you can make a surprise yourself. After all, as a gift, which you cook with your own hands, you will be able to put a piece of your soul. Such gifts are the most valuable. You will also have the opportunity to realize your ideas, to make truly exclusive gizmos.

Required materials

So, let's dwell on the tailoring. If you find in your wardrobe just such jeans that have already served their own, but the fabric is still in fairly good condition, then you can give the bored pants a new stylish life! To make a purse like on a photo, we need:

  1. Old jeans
  2. Fabric for the lining, in our case this is an old knitted tights
  3. Metal rings for fixing the handle
  4. Magnetic rivets
  5. Elements of decoration, we have this lace.
  6. Tools for sewing

How to sew a bag from old jeans, step-by-step master class

  1. We make a pattern. We take jeans, we cut out the blanks of the necessary size. That is, you need to cut two rectangles of the same size and this will be the two sides of the future bag, one narrow rectangle about 5-7 cm wide and the length equal to the length of large, for the bottom of the bag.
  2. It is necessary to overcut the side sections manually with a suture seam. Then fold the bottom in half, sew it between the front and back sides of the bag from the back. We sew the side seams, we sew the bottom, we process all the edges.
  3. The crochet lining is the same as the bag, similarly we sew its parts together.
  4. Make the loops for a handle, is threaded into the iron rings.
  5. We decorate the front part, with the pocket. You can whip ready, from jeans or cut yourself. We cut out the square, decorate it with a lace ribbon, sew it to the bag. We fix on the sides of the belt loops.
  6. Cut the detail for the so-called cover our bags from lining fabric cut the same item, sew them together. Do not forget to attach the reverse side to a magnetic stud. Sew it to the lining.
  7. Collect our bag. Carefully sew the cover to the base. Sew the lining to the base of a hidden seam on the reverse side. Attach the handle to the belt loops.

Our purse is ready! Inner vidu.A this is what became of jeans and leotards, the material was used to the maximum, such trimming and throw out no pity!