If the holiday is approaching, you have already bought gifts, but you do not know what to give to a small member of the family who recently appeared. We will tell you how to make warm booties using only natural materials. The legs of the baby will always warm your work of art, made for him with love. Use our master class with a photo, it does not take very long. Give the baby and parents warmth of their soul. We wish you good luck in your work.

To work you need to:

  • wool (cotton tape) around 30 grams (green), 10 grams (white), 5 grams (pink)
  • soft synthetic mesh (tulle)
  • towel
  • water, soap, glue
  • thread, needle
  • silk ribbon

Step by step instructions:

  1. On the prepared surface (in a container or any other special surface we put a soft synthetic mesh) begin to lay the wool. The grid with the right edge should remain at about 25 cm will Take 15-17 grams of wool, divide it into layers and put a thin layer. Then put the next layer overlapping with the last, each layer must be perpendicular to the previous one. Use the wool (15-17 grams), making our first pinetucky. Its size depends on the age of the baby. We're doing baby (0-3 months), so our billet size is 18*18 cm

  • Cover the resulting workpiece mesh. Will do this step by using already existing mesh in the last stage, which lay at the bottom. On the right side of the remaining mesh is shifted to the left, as shown in the figure below. Then pour soapy water, you can use plain water. All of our wool harvesting should be wet. If you used plain water, then soap over the mesh to make a soapy surface. Soap, dip in water and RUB it in a circular motion.

  • Then we iron our billet, so that it was flat and takes her to our mesh. Allow it to dry out from the soap solution for 15-20 minutes. Then take a towel that absorbs water and will turn our blank into a roll together with the towel and ride. 20-30 times in each direction.

  • Go to the formation of our little miracle. If the billet is very dry, then add it to soapy water glue, the ratio of water to the glue to approximately 1/3 (wetted, adhesive is optional), so the figure well and bent in the required form. Begin to add volume and shape to our billets. Measured to the foot (bottom base) remained roughly 90-10 cm (depends on the size of the baby, who you do it with miracle). Folded around the edge, carefully modeling the required form. Cut off the excess, cut to the legs is approximately 4*4.5 cm

  • The same we do with our second workpiece. When cutting off the excess you need to carefully trim the edges so they were smooth and solid. This is done with your fingers – to smooth the bumps in a circular motion until complete alignment.

  • After fabrication and shaping our piatochkin give them time to dry (10-15 minutes). If they do not have time to do it, then take a towel and gently dry. This is done using push-UPS, but made crafts don't need to roll, otherwise they can lose the smooth structure and shape. You can just DAB the towel in neat little Slippers. Thus do the whole soap, you can gently wash our figures (also promaqua, not under running water) if you are not able to fully remove the white foam. Our figurines are ready, then align them if something went wrong while performing the last stage. Now waiting for them to dry completely.
  • Go to the decoration of our little charms. Take the wool, spread it with a small square (3*3) on the prepared surface (as in the early stages of our master class: a container, a synthetic mesh). Need to put layers and each layer perpendicular to the previous one, then cover with a mesh on the right side of our preparation and cover with soapy water, stroking the fur at the top. When the workpiece is slightly dry and has absorbed the solution, we remove the grid from the top, take the wool and begin to shape the ball ( gently roll it with your hands on the Board). Once turned round a beautiful ball, give it to dry completely.

  • You can take the wool of different colors for decorations our pinetok, we took white, pink. Rolled up 20 white and 5 pink circles as described above. Glue glue or sew our circles. We flashed on top booties white balloons and made a flower in front.
  • Concluded its work tape. Will nashiem the ribbon in the back of our booties to be able to tie it to the leg of the child, and do not lose it, or to use as decoration, hook for storage.
  • Our little beautiful, lovely booties are ready! From them it is impossible to tear off the eye! Do this miracle, you will not regret, please your kids and children of your family and friends for a fabulous holiday - New Year!