The word amulet has one root with words to protect, to protect, that is, to protect and protect from all troubles and tribulations. Thousands of items were created that were in the house and repelled the evil spirits, there were those that the person had to carry with him: rings, bracelets, pendants. Making a souvenir-amulet is an opportunity to convey to your beloved a piece of your own warmth and love. Today, we propose to make a New Year's souvenir, which will become a talisman for your relatives.

How to make souvenir-talisman with their hands

As an amulet we propose to make a bracelet with a horseshoe pendant. According to ancient Celtic beliefs, she is able to drive away the devil, and also to bring luck in all matters and endeavors, to save from illnesses. Our bracelet will not only protect the owner, but also act as an original accessory.

Let's start with the preparation of materials, we need:

  • a small piece of bright silver or polymer clay
  • a knife for cutting mastic
  • square shape pendant
  • toothpick to create holes
  • a stamp in the shape of a horseshoe
  • acrylic paint, a fine brush, paper towel
  • glossy glaze or lacquer for polymer clay
  • lace crisp cotton, hemp or leather
  • metal clasp for bracelet (optional)

We remind you that it is most convenient to work with polymer clay on a glass or ceramic surface.

New year souvenir-talisman: master class

We begin to make our New Year souvenir-amulet, we try to work very carefully, paying attention to the smallest details.

First, cut a small piece of material. If you have a small pack, for example, clay Fimo, then it will take 1/4. Roll a neat ball, and then flatten it with your fingers, the thickness somewhere 3-4 mm.

Now cut out the square. If you do not have a special stamp, then use any improvised means. The form can be rectangular or oval. The corners should be slightly rounded.

Armed with a toothpick, mark the location for future holes. Check that they are located symmetrically on the sides. Make holes of suitable size, there should be easily inserted a string.

Using a stamp, apply a picture of the horseshoe. If there is no special tool, then draw a horseshoe on a souvenir-amulet by hand (for example, using a needle).

As you can see, on one of the step-by-step photos, the bracelet's suspension is decorated with an inscription. You can also engrave the name of the lucky owner of the New Year's souvenir.

When the picture is ready, we send the craft in the oven. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

After the product has cooled off take paint and add a pattern of color.

Surplus immediately remove the paper towel. Now cover the surface with varnish or glaze. Take care that it does not get into the holes we made. If this happens, immediately clean it with a toothpick.

When the coating dries, you can start assembling the bracelet.

If you have a buckle, then the strap can be made from several multicolored twine. Cut a few pieces of thread, thread into the hole and fix on the knot.

The remaining ends must be the same length. The same must be done, on the other hand. Measure out the necessary length of the bracelet and cut off excess. Now it is necessary to fasten the lock.

We use standard handpieces and crochet hooks. When you insert the ends of the bracelet into the tip, add a droplet of glue to keep the structure better.

We have finished the creation of a souvenir-amulet for the New Year. It looks very original, it will fit as a nice accessory to any everyday image, and the horseshoe will reliably protect from the ills of the outside world and bring good luck.