The New Year is a holiday of childhood, when we again believe in magic, expect miracles and feel ourselves a little bit children. In these joyous holidays, I want to rejoice and please others - my friends, dear and close people. Of course, you can always buy a gift, but how much more pleasant it is to give what you have done with your hands, into which you have put a piece of soul and New Year's mood. In this master class, we suggest that you make a walleted wallet from your wool with your own hands.

Felting out of wool today is becoming more common. This entertaining hobby does not require special skills and knowledge, and tools and materials for work can be purchased almost for nothing. Felting out of wool opens boundless spaces for creative ideas - you can make jewelry (bracelets, brooches, beads), cases for mobile phones and tablets, toys, pendants in the car, handbags and much more.

So, how do you wag a purse out of wool?

You will need:

  • 20 grams of wool;
  • 2 bubble wrap film 50 by 40 cm;
  • a few towels (to soak the water);
  • soap;
  • warm water;
  • decoration (anything you want).
  1. Choose for your gift wool skeins of several colors, which, in your opinion, will suit and like the one to whom you are going to give your gift.

  2. Then put the skeins of wool of various colors pattern for the bottom layer of the purse. For example, it can be striped. You can also represent some abstract drawing.

  3. On top of the lower layer lay at a right angle wool. Here you can use a uniform color. In the process of putting some layers of wool yarn should be pre-split and stretch.

  4. For the outer (upper) layer lay of woolen threads of different colors for any fancy pattern. For example, it can be floral pattern or, again, abstract pattern.

  5. Using the water sprayer, thoroughly wet layers of wool and warm water. RUB the coat with bubble wrap, soap, until it rises and becomes more dense.

  6. Rinse the fabric several times alternately cold, then in hot water. Wait until the fabric dries.

  7. And the final touch. Sew a button or some other embellishment and frayed edges purse with suitable colour threads.

  8. Your Christmas gift is ready! Be sure that this original purse made of wool, made by hand, will regularly to please the owner all year, reminding him about you and your care.