If you have not decided yet what a new and unusual decorate your interior, a table or a Christmas tree, then we can help you. This will be new, original, we will make a Chinese lantern with our own hands. It will look harmonious everywhere. You can use it as an ornament for a garland, in the role of a cover of an electric candle. Show your imagination by making this beautiful product. Use the step-by-step instruction with the photo, detailed below. At you all will turn out, it does not take a lot of time, effort, materials. Good luck! Give joy to your family and friends, to yourself.

To work you need to:

  • sheet of colored paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • PVA glue (Moment) or Scotch

Step by step instructions:

  1. Take the prepared sheet of colored paper. With one edge (narrower in width) measured line and strip 1-2 cm Cut it with scissors on the drawn pencil line. We'll need it later.
  2. Then the remaining part in half fold the colored side inside.
  3. In front line of the resulting bend will Prorsum strip with a width of 2-3 cm. It must be parallel to the edge.
  4. Now you need to cut through the main part, you can do it by eye, but we'd better draw pre-strips. They need to draw each, 1 cm wide. It starts from the fold, ends at the opposite edge. To reach the drawn strip in point 3, 2-3 cm to the edge. The more strips you get, the larger and sweatier our lantern will be.
  5. The resulting figure will deploy and fold in the opposite direction on the same line of the fold (colored side facing us).
  6. After that, we cut the workpiece into a tube, for this we need to lean against each other the previously outlined edges of 2 cm.
  7. You need to fix a figure in this position. Attach it to the bars top and bottom small pieces of tape
  8. Take the deferred strip at 1 point. From two sides on it we stick an adhesive tape and on an internal part we establish. You can use glue to fix it. The strip should be colored side up and fastened to the inside of the resulting pipe.
  9. It is possible to use a ribbon or a lace to fix it (it all depends on your imagination and preferences). In this case, on the opposite sides of the upper rim, you need to make two small holes and fasten the tape for them.
  10. Use it to decorate the garland. We fix either for the flashlights from the garland - if they are with convex edges, with the help of glue, or you can use threads, ribbons. Here you can show your imagination to the maximum. Draw the lights before that, or cover with sparkles. Do wonders!

Our beautiful colored Chinese flashlight is ready! Decorate them with a Christmas tree, or a garland in your house, hang it on the front door or just put it on the table, everywhere it will look bright and harmonious! But be careful if you decide to install the lights on a garland. You can only use them on LED lamps that will not heat up when turned on. Use your imagination to the maximum and give a unique design to this fabulous holiday! Your family and friends will be delighted!