Scrapbooking technology allows you to create stunning New Year cards with your own hands. They please the eye not only with bright pictures, but also with interesting unusual textures, voluminous images and figures. Surprise loved ones - create a postcard with the help of our master class.

Postcard in the style of scrapbooking

Today we make a postcard adorned with an opening double-winged "door" and a Christmas wreath made of leaves. The leaves are cut with a special punch hole, in addition to it we will need:

  • heavy paper for scrapbooking: cream, red, green (for example, NorthPoleCollection)
  • gold shiny paper (for example, JoAnneFabricandCrafts)
  • tag with a congratulatory inscription
  • brads scrapbooking embellishment DIY making (cloves)
  • the scissors and the knife
  • double sided tape

Master class: new year card

We begin with the creation of a wreath. Figured punchers we need to cut out leaves, a bow for decoration and small gold circles. For the wreath, dark green paper is suitable, it will consist of 10 sheets, a bow is made of red cardboard, mugs of golden shiny paper.

If there are no special tools, then you can use stickers or cut the parts yourself. Templates on the photo.

A typical office punch will create circles for your postcard.

We create the basis of our crafts. Take the green cardstock 22 × 15 cm. Using a ruler, bend on both sides of the sheet 5.5 cm. You have two leaves 15 × 5.5 cm

After we have completed work on the frame, start making the front of the postcard. Cut out of red paper two rectangles 14,5×5 cm we will be sticking sash on our door. Do it better with the help of double-sided tape, scrapbooking glue is rarely used, as it the paper starts to wrinkle. Note the photo: you must have a neat frame with a width of 0.5 cm.

We continue to make out our cover. Cut out a dark green cardstock square with a side length of 8 cm, and one more, 8.5 cm, from a lighter paper. We glue them together.

After we do this, paste the resulting frame to the left half of the postcard. We make sure that the right one can open freely. Notice the photo: the dark green side of the square is its outer part.

It's time to create a festive wreath. We advise you to draw a circle of the correct size, and place the leaves on it. Remember, they should go one on another.

When the wreath will be glued, decorate its lower part with a coquettish red bow. We fix it on a miniature claret or golden broads.

The wreath is almost completely ready, it only remains to add shine with the help of small golden circles. Remember, there should not be too many of them.

The final stroke of the design should be the inscription "Happy New Year" or "Merry Christmas". We frame the frame with a congratulation on the right side of the cover so that it slightly goes to the opposite half. The external design of the New Year's greeting card in the style of scrapbooking is completed.

You can leave the hand-made in this form or decorate the interior with complimentary verses written by hand or printed in fine print.

As you can see, it's quite easy to make a New Year with open hands. Due to its unusual texture, complex appliqués and ornaments, it looks interesting and expensive. This approach to congratulations will be appreciated by your friends and family.