Gifts for a birthday or for any other occasion is nice to receive. But it's equally nice to give them. And if you make a present to your beloved person or friend with your own hands, then this will bring twice as many positive emotions and sensations. There are a lot of ideas for this, the main thing is to show imagination and look at the usual things from an unusual side. We will tell you about several variants of such souvenirs.

Sweet surprise for a child

This gift will be happy and adults, sweet tooth. Efforts to create need a little, and materials are not too expensive and available in all stores.

You will need

  • a large number of sweets (large candy, chocolates or other favorite treats birthday)
  • cards
  • glue
  • pot
  • the filler (it is preferable to use a foam rubber or synthetic winterizer)
  • artificial grass
  • long skewers or toothpicks


  1. Glue the cards to sweets and then to the skewers.
  2. In a pot put the filler and cover it with artificial greenery.
  3. Now we can start to aesthetic design. Stick the skewers in the pot from all sides it was evident sweetness. Best the largest object to place in the back, and the other smaller to place around the fan.
  4. 4. If you have imagination, then the pot can be turned into a work of art, decorating it with rhinestones, beads or painted colors.

Original coffee Cup

Such an object will soon serve as an unusual element of decor, rather than everyday utensils. Nevertheless, looking at such a cup, the birthday boy will invariably remember you. To make a gift you will have to purchase:

  • coffee mug. You can choose the simple and plain, because it will still be further decorated.
  • coffee beans
  • a pack of cotton pads
  • acrylic paint brown
  • reliable glue

We cover the entire surface of the cup with cotton wool discs, placing them on the glue. The order from the location does not matter, the main thing is that there are no gaps between the cotton wool.

Tightly wrap the cup with a white thick thread.

From the top on the initial decor we put the paint.

We proceed to gluing coffee beans. To ensure that there are no gaps between them, it is better to arrange them in two rows.

In addition to the gift, you can tie a lace bow or ribbon, and inwardly place a small bouquet.

Unusual scarf

To please her friend an interesting element of the wardrobe as a gift, it is not necessary to rush headlong into an expensive store. You can easily sew an interesting accessory yourself, using materials for this purpose.

For the manufacture of old clothes are used, preferably T-shirts with prints. Before the sewing process, it is better to wash clothes. So, from thick paper or cardboard make a stencil and begin to cut out the elements of the scarf. The front part of the product will be colored, and the back is solid. For each part of the scarf you need about twenty pieces.

After all the sections are cut out, arrange them on the table or floor in random order to get a picture or an unusual pattern. You can begin to sew the elements together from within. After that, iron each stitch with an iron.

The same procedure is performed for the rear of the scarf. After that, the two halves of the product are sewn together and smoothed.

As you can see, creating a beautiful and useful souvenir with your own hands is not at all difficult. And although it takes time, think about how pleasant it will be for your loved one to receive a gift in which you have invested the whole soul.