Perhaps, every girl's dream is to create beautiful and original outfits with their hands. But not all know how to do it. Although learning how to sew can absolutely anyone, only born of a desire to do it. The main difficulty – the construction of patterns. Agree, pretty hard to take your measurements, transfer them on paper visually imagine how it will look in the product after sewing.

But there is another way to create clothes. Today we will talk about the rules for creating a light dress without a pattern. This option is suitable for beginner needlewomen.

The concept of sewing for beginners

To get started, you need to know how to create the outfits and stock up on the necessary materials.

First of all, you will need a meter by which you will measure the parameters of your body and apply them to the fabric. In addition, it is better to purchase special large scissors. They are sharp, grab a lot of tissue at once, and you will be immune from cutting off uneven edges.

Needles of different diameters and thread of different colors. They will be useful in order to sweep the future product before sewing. It is also better to purchase special chalks with which you will apply the dimensions of the blanks to the fabric, and later - the patterns.

Threads for sewing machines are better to choose different thicknesses in order to be able to sew fabrics of different density. That seems to be all. Let's start making your first wardrobe thing made by yourself.

Sew simple dress without a pattern

For example, we chose the simplest model, which, nevertheless, will look very original. This dress is ideal for the first experiment and does not require special knowledge as a cutter.

First of all, select the fabric for the future product. It should not be too dense to not crumple. But light chiffon or silk is also better avoided. These fabrics are very delicate, and they will be visible to all the defects of yours, as yet unskillful in sewing hands.

Preparing for sewing. It will not work without a pattern. But you also do not need to take a bunch of measurements. Limit on drawing four rectangles, which will serve as a dress for the dress.

The picture shows a standard size, but you can always make the base wider or longer, depending on your tastes. Rectangles more serve as the basis of the dress itself, and smaller - its sleeves.

Outline the shapes with chalk on the fabric and cut them out.

No item of clothing can not do without armholes. Therefore, cut out of the paper two more rectangles with a width of 7 cm and a length of 25, round a little of their edges, as shown in the photo.

Now the same manipulation can be carried out with tissue preforms.

We sit down for the sewing machine. If you are not yet confident enough to use it, then first sweep the side seams with contrasting threads or fasten with pins. After that, you can sew them together on a typewriter and process the edges with an overlock (if you have one).

Sew the sleeves to the base of the armhole.

Now, on to the small decorating items. Dress will stay on the shoulders with an elastic band. So turn the neck about two inches and flash her one line. Now in the formed gutter can be put gum.

At the last step, treat the edges of the sleeves and hem and smooth out the product with an iron.

As you can see, it's quite easy to sew such an outfit and even the girl who is almost unfamiliar with the rules of sewing and sewing will be able to cope with this. And if you include fantasy and complement the new dress with original belts and beads, then a simple dress at first glance, in front of you will turn into elegant clothes for exits to solemn events.