One of the main joys of the New Year holidays is gifts. We all look forward to the morning of January 1, to find a treasured bundle under the tree. Traditionally, along with gifts of a personal nature, relatives and friends are usually given souvenirs with the symbols of the coming year. It is believed that such small presents contribute to success and prosperity in the new year. The coming 2015 will pass under the sign of the Green Sheep, therefore the gifts from the wool of this animal will be relevant first of all. If you prefer to give your loved ones handmade crafts, then we want to offer you a simple and unusual master class with a photo - a lamb made of cotton wool.

Necessary materials:

  • white and black cardboard
  • cotton pads
  • PVA glue
  • a simple pencil
  • scissors
  • red yarn
  • the eyes of old toys (you can substitute cardboard)

Sheep from cotton pads: step by step instructions

  1. To start with a simple pencil on the back of the white cardboard you have to draw the outline of the sheep. You can use the template downloaded from the Internet, and you can just draw a volumetric cloud. It will be the body of our lamb.
  2. On the reverse side of the black cardboard draw an oblong circle — the basis for the head. It is also necessary to draw a pointy nose, elongated ears and four legs.
  3. Carefully cut out the resulting blank.
  4. With the help of glue, fix the legs and body of a lamb.
  5. Then proceed to the formation of the wool of our sheep. To do this, apply PVA glue on the body template and start one at a time sticking to it cotton pads or balls. If you want more shaggy sheep, then you can glue and large torn pieces of ordinary cotton wool.
  6. To the blank future head glue ears, nose and toy eyes. If the hand was not eyes from old unwanted doll, you can just cut two small circles from white cardboard and paint them to the pupils. From a piece of red yarn formed a smile and also fix it with glue.
  7. At the last stage, the obtained glue the head to the body. Sheep from cotton pads with their hands on the New 2015 — ready!

Body sheep from cotton balls: step-by-step master class

This simple version of the New Year crafts will allow you to create a voluminous statuette of a sheep that will certainly please your relatives.

Necessary materials:

  • paper or newspaper
  • a tube for black juice
  • scissors
  • black colored paper
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • sticky tape

Step by step instructions: