Do you want to give a gift to your mother, but do not know which one? We offer you to give your mummy very beautiful and gentle daisies out. wool discs. Let you not be afraid of the material of making these flowers, because from the wadded plates you get very nice and durable crafts that will please your loved ones for years.

Crafts-Daisy from cotton pads

A simple chamomile made of cotton wool plates will be an excellent decoration for a greeting card or box. To make such a flower you will need the following materials:

  1. cotton pads
  2. white thread
  3. watercolor
  4. glue

  1. Take a cotton pad and fold the left side about 2-3 from half the disc. Similarly, fold the right edge. You should have a sort of pouch.
  2. Closer to the narrow end of the bag tightly tie off the disk with white thread. It is a preparation for the future petal daisies. For one flower you will need from 8 to 10 petals.
  3. Take a simple cotton ball and paint it yellow. To do this, dissolve in a small amount of water paint and dip the cotton wool. Squeeze the disc and let it dry.
  4. Now proceed to collect our daisies. Put the petals in a circle, narrow ends in center. Top off with a yellow core, pre-smeared with adhesive. Allow the chamomile to dry and our flower of the cotton pad – ready.

Chamomile a bouquet of cotton pads

This chamomile differs from the previous flower by the presence of the stem, so it is possible to form a real bouquet from such chamomiles.

To make chamomile you will need the following materials:

  1. cotton pads
  2. green thread
  3. glue
  4. yellow gouache
  5. green straws for juice
  1. Take a cotton pad and squeeze it with one hand with two fingers. The bottom should be a small accordion. To cotton not lost its shape, pre-wet the fingers with water. It's a blank petal. For one Daisy you will need about 8 such petals.
  2. Now make the core. To do this, put a cotton pad on the index finger, then remove and lower part of the disk tight to roll up the thread. The resulting workpiece is dipped in water with diluted yellow gouache. Allow the core to dry.
  3. We string the core onto the tube and fix it with threads or glue.
  4. Turn the stem and spread around the middle of the Daisy petals. Fasten the petals to the stem with string.

To make one bouquet you need to make at least a dozen such chamomiles. If you want the flowers to be multicolored, you can easily paint them with diluted food colors or gouache. If desired, chamomile can be supplemented with leaflets. To do this, cut out small cotton leaves from cotton buds and color them with green colors. Fasten the leaves on the stem with the same glue or thread.