The best gift for a man: a loving wife, healthy beautiful children and a cozy house that you want to return to. It is a pity that we do not often pamper dads and husbands with a sudden caress and a manifestation of feelings. But February 23 is just such a day! All care, all attention is intended for them - our defenders! We offer an interesting master class today, which will teach you how to make a postcard on February 23 to the Pope!

Card with your hands: preparing the materials

Not all popes served in the army, but every day they protect their families from adversity, constantly perform male work around the house. We decided to abandon the traditional military themes, and a nice hammer will be a reminder of what men have golden hands. We also have to work hard, creating a postcard on February 23, and we will start with the selection of materials. Required:

  • the basis for the postcard
  • 3 sheets of paper for scrapbooking: striped, blue, plaid
  • brown cardstock
  • twine or cord (blue)
  • adhesive or double-sided scotch tape
  • a ruler and a pencil
  • scissors

You can use the base or ready to take a sheet of white cardboard and fold it in half. Cardstock, as well as paper, better to buy at the store for creativity. It should not be too dark (the colors of rough wrapping paper). In addition, we will need a picture of a hammer. The stencil can be printed from the Internet, if you fail to draw yourself.

Make a postcard with the Pope on February 23 with their hands

Start making greeting cards on February 23:

  1. to begin cut out of striped paper rectangle 15×12 cm and gently tape it to the cover of the card
  2. then, cut out 2 rectangle of blue plaid sheet, 14×9.5 cm and 13×8 cm, respectively
  3. blue striped glue on, leave to dry, then it glue the square in the box. You should get the original complex frame:
  4. going to do the main decorative element of the card – with a hammer. Brown cardstock create the image using a stencil or draw yourself. We'll put it together at the last rectangle. Tip: if you want the image looked more vividly and space, fix it on paper using square hubacek 1×1 cm, impregnated with glue. This technique often uses in scrapbooking, so finding a sponge not working
  5. under the hammer should go a congratulatory inscription (the text you choose for yourself)
  6. from cardstock make one rectangle 2×12 cm and print (or write token) the right words. Have it (with the same hubacek) on the cover of the card
  7. for this, we again cut out the rectangle from cardstock (13×6 cm) and write on it greetings. Example: DEAR DAD ON FEBRUARY 23
  8. decorate the paper with twine (finally, it took us): cut 13 cm, 1 cm seam allowance, carefully glue, fasten from the back side
  9. Now, our greetings can be pasted on a postcard

So, we made a postcard to the Pope on the 23rd of February.

It turned out very sweet, touching and original. The main thing is that we did it with our own hands and with great love.