Corrugated paper appeared almost 200 years ago in the UK. The first application for it was found rather unusual - it turned out to be a good lining for hats. And immediately became popular. Quite quickly it began to be used for almost the same purposes as today - making souvenirs from it, as it was noticed that artificial flowers look much more effective if they are created from corrugated paper, rather than ordinary cardboard.

What can be made of corrugated paper with your hands?

To date, the paper industry produces a large line of all sorts of corrugations, as crafts made of corrugated paper require constantly new revenues. She understands quickly, especially before the holidays. For home products, paper with fine corrugated paper, the so-called creped paper, is preferable, because it is more plastic and very pleasant to the touch. In kindergartens and primary school classes with her constantly working, children are happy to try to make flowers from corrugated paper with their own hands.

You can do anything from it:

  • garland
  • the scenery
  • toys
  • bouquets
  • costumes
  • any things that will prompt fantasy.

Materials that will be useful

Who missed in school lessons classes creativity can catch up by visiting the training master class from corrugated paper. Of course, one paper do not succeed. To make truly beautiful things, you will need additional materials. Most often you need to keep ready:

All these items are just necessary to make wonderful roses. cornflowers and other magnificent flowers. Due to the shallow formation of the leaves, flowers often look like living flowers. But even when it becomes clear that this is a skilful work of man, and not of nature, the charm does not disappear, but as if even more manifest. So if you ever have a question about what to make of corrugated paper, then it's best to start with flowers. More beautiful than they, nature did not create anything. So a person is unlikely to succeed.

On the eve of the New Year's holidays, the μ of corrugated paper acquires a special significance. Christmas trees have always been a favorite attribute of this holiday, and the opportunity to create another beauty alone is unlikely to be missed by many adults, and children even more so.

DIY corrugated paper: stippling

Those who want to create something great and volumetric, can use the new version of the work with this material. It's called stippling and is mostly used for paintings and pictures, or framing frames, in which you can insert your child's photo (it will look the most touching), embroidery or a child's drawing. Ideas can be as much as people who are working with pieces of crepe paper.

The passion for crafts, miracles that you can create with your own hands, lives not only in children. Very many mothers and dads are happy to sit down together with the baby and are trying to start creating a new work of art. Someone does it, some do not. It must be said that this work requires diligence, thoroughness, like any associated with needlework. To perform in five minutes something really meaningful is impossible in any kind of ornamental art.

Finally, how much plastic and incredibly fabulous corrugated paper, video will show better than any words. It's very difficult to believe that such incredibly beautiful things were done by ordinary people with their own hands. But all the same it is possible.