Probably every woman is looking forward to approaching one of the most wonderful and tender holidays - March 8. No less worried about him and men. True, if the first crave him because of receiving immense attention and care, the latter are thinking about how to surprise your soul mate and give her a pleasant surprise. Of course, this is a very difficult task, especially given that it is difficult for a modern woman to surprise anything.

A gift made in the style of "handmade" can become an exit and an excellent solution. Perhaps it will be an addition to the main gift, but, one way or another, will necessarily make a strong impression. In other words, it is possible to surprise a friend, mother, wife, a friend with the help of a thing made by oneself. About what crafts are worth giving and how to do them, let's consider in more detail in the article.

What crafts it is better to give?

If you clearly decided to donate a hand-crafted article by March 8, you will certainly have a question about what to choose, and what "handmade" is in fashion today. Therefore, we list the most popular gifts of this kind.

Perhaps, the gift is more popular and beautiful than the flowers - no, but once it comes to crafts, then the flowers should also be original and made with their own hands:

The undoubted sign of attention will be a postcard, again invented and realized at home.

Different jewelry is always in fashion.

Of course, this is not limited to, after all, is only to show a little imagination and creativity, and then it is small.

Gifts for March 8 with their hands: a little about the secrets of the technology

Creating gifts yourself requires not only creative imagination, but also patience, attentiveness, as well as understanding the technology of their creation. That's why we give some tips on how to make a gift in the style of "handmade."

As we have already noted, one of the simplest, but most beautiful gifts for the International Women's Day is considered to be a bouquet. One of the options for such a bouquet can be a set of lush colors from paper napkins. Such a thing is easy to create and requires a minimum amount of materials. In particular, you will need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • stapler
  • and, of course, the main "ingredient" – swipe. Moreover, you can combine different colors, possible and solid option.

Armed with everything you need, follow these steps.

  1. Fold the napkin in half.
  2. Fasten the center braces using a stapler, and cut around the circumference.
  3. Spread the petals, removing the mugs to the center, starting with the top layers.
  4. Glue the flowers to the base, which may be, for example, a balloon.

  Gift for March 8 with your own hands

The greeting card for March 8

Again, using your creative potential, you can create any postcard. We give one example of the implementation of such an idea.

To create a card with flowers on March 8 we will need:

So, the steps to create.

  1. Fold the cardboard in half.
  2. Bend two corner on the front side of the future cards, so that they match in the middle.
  3. Using glue attach the resulting triangles, little bows out of paper.
  4. The rear surface can be decorated any decor (beads, cut paper, etc.).
  5. After complete drying is to put under the press.

So, whatever the idea of ​​a gift came to your mind, the main thing is that it was made by you. This will not only pleasantly surprise his recipient, but also show your true sincere attitude, as gifts of hand-made are made with love.