If you suddenly wanted art and craft activities in the holidays, then offer to be inspired by fresh ideas and create a unique and exclusive Valentine's day cards for your loved ones!

Paper Valentines we will draw, cut, glue!

Necessary materials: colored cardboard, colored paper (you can use gift wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper), markers, watercolors, glue, scissors, stationery knife, ruler, trimmings for decorating.

Step by step instructions

  1. Valentine in the technique of scrapbooking (photo 1). We cut out the cardboard base for the postcard, decorate the main background and paste large hearts from colored paper, then proceed to small details, glue shaped strips of paper of contrasting colors, inscriptions, we finish the composition with a sweet heart made of textured cardboard.
  2. In the technique of quilling (photo2). We cut a colored xerographic paper of red and green color into thin strips, no more than 5 mm. Each strip is rolled into a roll, we give it the desired shape, red - hearts, green - leaves, their tips are fixed with glue. We glue green stripes on the white double-sided cardboard-petals, then glue hearts and leaves in the form of a bouquet. We add a bow and a congratulatory inscription.
  3. Applique (photo 3). It's very simple, from color paper cut out a tree trunk, bird, small hearts, letters. Sticking to the Valentine back markers to write wishes.
  4. Pop-up postcard with a volumetric surprise inside (photo 4). For a basis it is possible even to take a ready postcard with hearts. We put the red paper on the accordion and draw half of the heart so that when we cut them out, we have a round dance of hearts. We glue them to the two leaflets of the postcard. Cut out I and You, we have at the appropriate places.
  5. Lovely stamps (photo 5). Make the main object of the composition the prints of their hands or children's pens and even legs! Generously spread them with watercolor, it is absolutely safe for the skin, and stamp for health! It looks very nice and touching, especially the children's parts of the body.

Creative Valentines out of scrap materials with your hands

Necessary materials: dense cardboard, buttons, beads, sequins, ribbons, shells, felt and so on - all that you will find in your home. Paper glue, glue-moment, scissors, markers.

Step by step instructions

  1. Valentine's day card with buttons. A solid Foundation-the heart, the glue, fix the colored buttons, and sew, but then you have to close the back side of the postcard.
  2. In the style of disco (photo 6). Do you have a top with paillettes that you have not worn for a long time? Feel free to cut them off! Fold the cardboard in half, on the front side we cut the heart-window and decorate this side with paillettes. We apply glue on the whole surface and lay out the sequins.
  3. Applique out of felt (фото7). The principle is the same as that of paper only get bigger.
  4. Heart of beads (фото8). You can use small shells or pebbles, brought from home. Glue them in the shape of hearts on the card.
  5. Photos with Lollipop (фото9). Use your photo or any picture from a magazine forward with outstretched hand, attached by a Lollipop, added inscriptions and drawings with the theme of Valentine's Day.