Origami - a special technique of needlework, the material for the basis of which is paper. The roots of this decorative and applied art originate from Ancient China, where, in fact, the paper was invented. Earlier this kind of art was intended exclusively for people from high society, but nowadays it has become known among all layers of society.

How to begin?

If you are interested in the question: how to make origami yourself, then you can always find the answer in the World Wide Web or in special books on needlework. Help to learn the correct technique of origami video. which you can see on the sites of needlework. Also help to learn origami schemes for beginners. quoted in specialized literature on needlework or on the Internet. There is nothing complicated, this kind of creativity is accessible to everyone, and also does not require large expenses and a large amount of materials.

As mentioned earlier, origami is made from paper. The simplest, the classic is made up of an ordinary paper box. To perform the simplest figures do not need additional materials such as scissors or glue, only paper and your imagination.

Origami: diagrams for beginners

There are many manufacturing options, among them the most popular are:

  • simple
  • scan
  • folding the wet way
  • modular.

For beginners, a simple technique of performing and origami-development is suitable. So, in a simple way you can make a boat or, for example, a crane. For this technique any paper is suitable. The main condition: the material should not quickly break and must be flexible.

You ask: how to make origami-scan? Very simple! This type of folding is also called "pattern". The underlying graph of curves on the paper, which was prepared by the master. All you need to do is to fold the material exactly on these curves and to obtain a desired figure.

Original DIY origami

Crafts are very diverse. Of paper, you can do almost anything, but if it is also an unusual material ... For example, a very original hand-crafted will be a flower made of paper bills. It is quite easy to make such an "expensive" flower.

Will help master the technique of origami master class on making flowers from paper. Very interesting is the origami of paper for children. From paper material you can make different animals, toys, balls, etc.

Also the original craftsmanship is a bracelet. The bracelet from cubes looks stylish and modern.

There are many more techniques and methods for making crafts. The most common are thematic. Such are, for example, New Year's or Easter hand-made articles made of paper.

Modular technology

Modular origami is a special technique of folding three-dimensional figures. To produce a piece in a modular way, small pieces of paper should be turned into small modules and assembled as a designer. This technique requires a lot of time and perseverance, but in the end interesting and original things are obtained.

Crafts made of paper are arts and crafts, which is quite popular among people of different ages. It differs in different levels of complexity and is available for mastering everything, even for people with disabilities. This technique of paper needlework allows you to show your imagination and make a rather original, unusual crafts made of simple material.