Holidays are laughter, joy, tasty dishes, the whole family at the table, gifts and, of course, postcards. They are even more important than tasty dishes and gifts, because both are passed and forgotten, and the postcard remains on a long-long memory. It can be put in an album, a casket, and if she really likes it, then put on a shelf and admire. Things bought in the store are very beautiful. But greeting cards from paper with their own hands are always many times brighter and more expensive precisely because they are made not just from improvised materials, but with a part of their heart.

When the actual hack?

You can make your own beautiful cards with your own hands for almost any holiday:

Techniques in which you can run cards from the paper by hand

You can perform crafts in a wide variety of techniques:

If you go to the store and browse the entire range of products, it may seem that to surprise family and loved ones nothing is impossible. No need to think, you need to try to prove himself otherwise. For example, a card in the technique of quilling will look like the best store-bought option. Do such delicate work like pop-up cards with their hands, able to do myself? Here that will ask those who will see the finished version.

And postcards with their own hands in the technique of scrapbooking enchant even those who can not be surprised at all. And what is most surprising is one look at the completed version, and it seems that some wizards can do this, and most will not succeed. But it's enough to see the cards themselves: a master class. and everything is gradually clearing in my head and does not seem so impossible any more. And the fact that such a thing no one else will have, gives a special excitement and a desire to create.

And it's really such a picture will not be anymore. Because two different people will never do identical things in their life. Even if they look at one and the same master class together and sit next to each other in the process of work, it will still get a different result. People are different. That's a little bit of each will look quite different. And, of course, the first work will not be as perfect as we would like. Especially if you choose a complex technique, such as scrapbooking or quilling.

Beautiful Christmas cards, or All will come with experience

Such beautiful work, like the ones shown in the examples work, maybe the first time, and maybe, much later. But the family, those who intended such a gift will appreciate, it is possible not to doubt. Gifts made his own, especially on a holiday like Easter. always valued many times more expensive than bought, even if the purchase was spent impressive sums.

Evaluation of cards with their own hands will help video with a detailed statement of the manufacturing process. Such a universal master class will greatly facilitate the work of ornamentation both for beginners and for those who already had experience in crafts. If you want to admire the rich assortment of universal surprises, you can see the cards yourself (photo).

And, most importantly, you never need to think that something will fail. We must try to do, then everything will be all right. There is, on this occasion, a good saying: "It's not the gods that burn pots."