Why learn to crochet? After all, in the modern world the supply is ahead of demand, and you can buy everything you need in any hypermarket and even on the market. However, there are a lot of advantages of mastering this technique. You can create completely unique things that you never buy in a store. In addition, significantly save money, because, for example, a quality hat costs a decent amount of money. The choice of yarn, color and style depends entirely on your tastes and fantasies. And do not worry if you have a constant lack of time. After training, you can combine this kind of needlework with other activities. Crocheting relaxes, soothes nerves and is very addictive. You can make gift sets for the new year. snowflakes. crafts for the new year and much more. There are many crocheting techniques, for example, Tunisian or knitting herringbone. Experienced skilled workers with long experience can not do without it.

Lessons crochet

In order for the work to be comfortable and enjoyable, it is important to choose the right hook. It can be made of bamboo, acrylic, plastic or metal. The most common are metal tools. They are durable, durable and comfortable. It's nice to work and bamboo, but from acrylic and plastic it is better to refuse. Before choosing a size, you need to decide what exactly you will knit and what yarn. For beginners it is better to stop on the creation of scarves, caps or napkins. This is suitable for an average size. The finest instruments are used for knitting laces or amigurumi, the biggest ones are for working on outerwear and making soft toys.

Having mastered the basics for beginners and learning the first steps, you can start more serious and complex tasks of knitting. In addition, you can easily make your own earrings out of thread.

At the initial stage will help you cool video tutorials crochet. Quite a few hits practical classes and you can do without assistance.

For many, crocheting is not just a hobby, but a job that brings not only pleasure, but monetary reward. In this age of low-quality Chinese goods and clothes of the same type, we would like to buy or create with our own hands a beautiful, high-quality and unique wardrobe item. Knitted things can be an unforgettable and interesting presentation, which will amaze the decorated with its originality.

Crochet diagrams

Having learned to perform the basics, it is advisable to learn crochet with patterns. Thanks to this you will be able to tie any item from a professional magazine, for example, potholders into the kitchen. swimsuit. And greatly accelerate the process of needlework. There are several reading rules:

  • if the needlework on the circle diagram is read from the center to the edges, and if the reverse and straight rows, the bottom-up
  • read from right to left circular rows. Often they are numbered and differ in color
  • the even rows read left-to-right, odd-numbered, respectively, from right to left
  • there is such a thing as rapport(repetition pattern). This part is denoted in the diagram between the two stars. Needlework is happening up to this point, and then starts the repetition of the patterns as many times as specified.

Taking a real master class on crocheting from a specialist with experience, you will consolidate knowledge and learn many important details.