In the flame of a candle there is a mystery and a mystery, a burning fire bewitches and soothes. But without a candlestick a candle is only half beautiful. It is about him that will be spoken.

The beauty of the candlestick plays an important role. Of course, the modern market offers a wide range of these products of the most intricate solutions and forms. But it is better to make original candlesticks with your own hands. having shown the creative talents. This fascinating occupation will definitely have to your liking and will save you money. It is difficult to imagine a lot of holidays without flaming candles. By the New Year, your skill is very useful, and you can create New Year candlesticks. which will decorate your home. An unusual candlestick will look great on the festive table.

How to learn to make candle holders with your own hands

A thing made on its own will always be more valuable than the thing bought. It puts in a piece of the soul, talent and imagination. Gifts made with your own hands are especially appreciated.

The materials will fit the simplest. For example, a candlestick from a bottle with your own hands. It's done very simply, and the effect is amazing. You will need:

What do we have to do:

  1. cut the bottom of the candle so that it entered the neck. If it is too long, it is better to use half
  2. drip wax on bottle the second lit candle. Trickle should be from all sides
  3. paint the cooled wax drips the selected color or leave them white. At your discretion. You can Supplement form, sprinkled near the bottle shavings of candle.

If you use aromatic candles, you will get a real aesthetic pleasure.

Unusually look candlesticks from shells with their own hands. Such a miracle will especially please in the winter and remind you of the sea. What you need to work:

  • СDдиск
  • shell, glass, sea stones
  • oilcloth
  • candle
  • any high-quality glue
  • semolina;
  • paint-spray
  • a pair of scissors.

Let's start to manufacture:

  1. on the outer side of the disc is glued a circle cut out of sheets equal to the size of the disk
  2. on the inner side of the disc in the center glue a tea candle
  3. around the base of the glue shells, pebbles, glass in a random chaotic manner
  4. between the shells are sure to be gaps on the disk. Lubricates them with glue and sprinkle semolina
  5. in conclusion, drizzle with jewelry lacquer to give it a wet look.

If you want to use decorative candles. the perfect complement will be the candlesticks from the cans themselves. This will require:

What do we have to do:

  1. put on one side the banks of the adhesive strips and gently smeared with a sponge. When dry, I have to repeat that there is no gap between
  2. so do the same with the other side
  3. when the jar will be matte, apply with a brush unobtrusive patterns: dots, circles, small flowers. Make each jar different.

There are still a lot of improvised tools, from which you can make this original subject, it is enough to show a little ingenuity and imagination. But do not forget that the handling of fire requires special care:

  • do not use flammable materials. Sometimes it is enough to leave for a minute, and may occur a fire
  • it is very important that the chandelier was not sustainable and was standing on the edge of the table
  • carry a candlestick with a burning candle undesirable. If this happens, you have to be extremely careful.

Candelabras need not be used for their intended purpose. They can serve as an excellent decor element in a glass cabinet.