The celebration of Halloween has become a tradition in many countries. But this is not an American holiday, as many believe. The celebration originates from the Celtic pagan tribes that inhabited once the territory of modern great Britain. It was believed that on this night every year it was time for the power of the evil winter God. In honor of him and did a celebration: fired bonfires, made sacrifices and did their best to propitiate evil spirits. Over time, the territory of the Celts was occupied by the Romans and brought their traditions, but the tradition was preserved.

Crafts for Halloween with their hands

To us the feast came mutated. With the advent of Christianity on the territory of modern Britain blasphemous practices were eradicated. From the Celtic rituals were only some funny traditions. Modern Halloween is fun and exciting. He was particularly fond of waiting children, as one of his traditions was to collect sweets and treats from friends and neighbors or just passers-by. And for adults is a great way to spend time together, socialize and compete in originality of their costumes or craft projects. Indeed, one of the main components of the night – unusual costumes and "scary" makeup.

To the fun was a success, you need to prepare in advance, come up with original crafts from pumpkins. to surprise the audience. Pay attention to every detail, and guests will appreciate it. But first you need to invite them. From this point the party begins. The invitation to the Halloween should be done unusual, but in the style of the occasion. You guests any inscription with the prediction. To explain what will happen at the event is optional. Make the invitation brief and cryptic.

Now is the time to come up with a way for themselves and their families. Usually prototypes are members of a mythical evil forces: demons, witches, werewolves, vampires, heroes of horror films. Here is the rule: the scarier the better. So a great option to make Halloween costumes with your own hands, or augment store-bought interesting items.

The most important stage – preparation of the celebration. From the atmosphere of the house depends on the success of the event. It is important not to miss anything and to decorate the house according to the rules. Of course, Jack o'lanterns have to attend the festivities and to ward off evil spirits. It can do a lot more themed decorations or craft projects. it is enough to show imagination. This fruit became a symbol of Halloween. A great Desk decoration is a basket of pumpkins. filled with fruit. Or the children can put the received sweets and treats.

Masks and makeup for Halloween with their hands

When basic training is over, it's time to think about their appearance and think of the makeup that you apply before the holiday. Of course, it needs to match the costume, but there are basic rules: the person must be pale, and eyes and lips bright. Variations you can think of any, for example, black tears if this is a "dead bride", or a drop of blood on the neck of the vampire.

If you have time and desire, then be sure to make masks for Halloween with their hands and hand out to guests. This is a great occasion to organize an interesting contest to guess invited people. Bought the masks can be decorated and to decorate the individual elements. It is important that they differed and had an awesome view.

Don't forget to consider the menu. Must be pumpkin dish. And the main meal should consist of sweet, but the "scary" images. After all, the main objective of the celebration is to appease evil spirits.

Experiment and show imagination, then the holiday, held by you, will be remembered by all for a long time.