By tradition, the Christmas tree should be crowned with a big beautiful star or a peak. In this article we will tell you how to make a paper star on the top of the tree with your own hands. Applied creativity will give an opportunity to imbue with festive mood and will allow to occupy children with an interesting affair.

Five-pointed paper star on the top of the tree

A classic option for those who prefer traditional Christmas decorations. Such a figure can decorate not only the crown of the Christmas tree, but use it as a garland.

Necessary tools and materials:

  1. Print blanks to the printer and cut them out along the contour.

If you need a star of paper larger, use these diagrams, printing the first of them twice. As a result, you should have five elements.

  • Bend the patterns along the dashed lines and glue them to each other. Instead of colored cardboard, you can use dense packaging or glossy golden paper.

    The asterisk in eco-style

    If you like eco-style, you can make appropriate decorations for the New Year. The star on the tree under this instruction is done very quickly and simply.

    Tools and materials:

    • thick cardboard
    • line
    • pencil
    • twine
    • decorative elements (felt, bells, sequins, buttons, etc.)
    • dummy knife
    • PVA glue
    1. on cardboard, draw a star of any suitable shape. Cut out the shape on the outlines and inside draw another star at the same distance from the edges.

  • Cut out the star outline.

  • With the dummy knife and start to glue the twine. Tip: the tip of the twine can be attached with a stapler to ensure proper tension. wrap the twine all of asterisk, not forgetting carefully fluff it with glue. If you have a glue gun, it is better to use them.

  • Leave a star from paper and twine to dry on the battery. When the glue hardens, you can decorate it with decorative elements, beads, small bells or sequins.

    Star night light

    The amazing top for the Christmas tree in the form of an asterisk-night lamp will be obtained if we follow the scheme given below.

    Necessary tools and materials:

    1. draw on the cardboard template, as shown in the figure below.

  • On the future stars draw holes. Their shape can be any, from the proposed geometric shapes, ending a chaotic slices or ornate patterns.

  • Cut out the pattern with a dummy knife.

  • Fold in the planned lines and make four of the same item.

  • Connect all modules with glue or stapler.

  • When the star of paper on the tree is ready, do the rear hole and insert the bulb.

    An asterisk of paper for a Christmas tree will decorate even the smallest tree, giving it a truly festive and luxurious look! Do not deny yourself the pleasure and make this year's decorations with your own hands in the family circle, because there is nothing more pleasant than spending holidays surrounded by loved ones.