New Year's embroidery is part of the tradition of many peoples, so it will become a wonderful decoration and complement the festive atmosphere. Embroidery on the surface can decorate the interior elements and become an excellent decorative addition, for example, on a tablecloth or pillow. Cross-stitch embroidery can be decorated in a neat frame and presented to a loved one on New Year's Eve.

Christmas embroidery

For those who prefer to embroider with smooth, we have prepared the most beautiful schemes and motifs that will transform any room. Make your work in a beautiful homemade frame made of spruce twigs and cones or adorn with ornate ornamentation of the edge of a festive tablecloth - in any case such a work will give warmth and love.

Flower motifs have always prevailed in the topic of embroidery on the surface. Schemes can be combined and changed at their discretion. Such flowers will melt even the fiercest winter and give warmth and comfort. Embroidering floral patterns for the New Year, it is better to give preference to red and brown tones.

For the drawings of the New Year and Winter themes, more "cold" shades are suitable: blue, blue, silver, blue-green.

Christmas cross stitch

Schemes for cross-stitching on the New Year are so many that it is unlikely to bring here even half of the examples. Nevertheless, we picked up some of the most beautiful, diverse and touching compositions that will help you create a real masterpiece!

For a gift, such mini-schemes of New Year's cross-stitch embroidery are suitable. Work can be formalized in small frames and presented to friends or colleagues at work.

More large-scale paintings should be started a few months before the holiday, but such works will amaze all those present at your celebration!

How to make embroidery

If you have already decided on a pattern and have chosen a scheme for embroidery with a smooth or a cross, it's time to choose the "cover" for your masterpiece. It is clear that if the pattern will decorate the tablecloth, do not need any frame, but how to present the embroidery as a gift for the New Year?

Ideas for the design of works:

  1. Frame for photos. Buy a frame at any photo Studio.
  2. Passepartout – Passepartout make their hands beautiful art from paper. Remember that the color and width of the Mat can advantageously emphasize the subtleties of the design or, conversely, to identify its shortcomings.
  3. Small embroidery Hoop – embroidery Hoop beautiful wrap with twine or ribbon and give a cross-stitch for the New year. You can also sew the lace edge to create a sort of frame.
  4. With the help of accessories that you can buy in an art store, make a small pendant and place inside your job. This option is ideal for really tiny cute embroideries. As an alternative, you can use the base from an old pendant or pocket watch purchased at a flea market. Similarly, you can draw and large round buttons.

New-year pictures for embroidery and embroideries for cross-stitch schemes will help you decide on the choice of gifts for loved ones and loved ones. Glad your friends with homemade cute trinkets that will always remind you of your warm relations.